Big Data Career

10 Reasons to Move into a Big Data Career

Data exists everywhere, being generated every second by the technologies and processes that allow us to run the public sector and private sector and the surge in the technologies and professionals that collect and analyze this data indicate that there is a massive demand for data science professionals with the knowledge to help make data a part of our daily lives, helping businesses and public sector enterprises to go to the next level. Contextual insights and analytical decision making are now indispensable to global businesses for providing a competitive edge to companies. For those with the desire to expand their horizons into an industry that allows the professional to contribute towards meaningful impact, data science has a sea of opportunity for people to make their mark.

  1. High Demand– There is a huge shortage of trained data professionals in the industry to take up positions at various companies to make use of all the data produced by public and private enterprises and analyze it for insights and decisions. The year 2018 looks to be a massive year for data science, with investments soaring to above $46 billion within the industry.
  2. Training Options– It is a relatively easy industry to gain entry to, with the right training and expertise. The best big data certification programs can be accessed online, and is meant to be completed at the candidate’s own pace. This provides both new comers and veterans to pursue their interests according to their own needs within big data and analytics.
  3. Salary– One of the biggest lures of data science are the various compensation packages available for professionals with specific sets of skills. The average IT professional earns lesser every year than the big data employee does due to the rise in demand of adequately trained professionals.
  4. Analytics– The analytical and decision making capacity of data science technologies have made them a business priorities and companies have begun to rely greatly upon predictive insights to help confront business challenges.
  5. Growth– A huge indication that the data science industry is growing comes from the fact that it now exists across multiple verticals allowing it to adopt an interdisciplinary nature that lends itself well to other organizations. Platforms like Hadoop are widely utilized by global corporations.
  6. Decisions– It allows for a more effective decision making process that streamlines much of the context toward making that decision by accessing records of real time metrics to provide tangible estimations.
  7. Scope of Use– There has been a rise in investments in unstructured and semi-structured data analytics as many organizations rely upon data generated from websites, social media, blogs, pictures, videos, etc. These are recorded en mass and then processed and analyzed over time as these data sources are not inherently designed to record data, simply create it. As such, there is much about consumer insight, trends and marketing, etc. to be gleamed from here.
  8. Growth of Platforms– With the success of Hadoop in professional circles, there are several platforms being developed that can assist data scientist professionals in their respective tasks and industries. Other NoSQL databases are also being developed to provide functionality and integration across all major verticals.
  9. Disruption– The industry will revolutionize the way businesses of the future will do business- combining machine learning, text mining and ontology modelling alongside enhanced, more powerful security. The analytical capabilities look to be a mainstay in the near future, and companies all across the world have invested several billions into developing it.
  10. Variety– A data science career provides huge variety to its professionals, partly due to the interdisciplinary nature of the industry. According to their skillsets, data science professionals could choose to apply themselves in a number of ways- business analysts, solution architects, analytical consultants, intelligence and security, etc. It is a career with huge diversity in the job market.

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