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5 reasons why you should visit Ahmadabad

5 reasons why you should visit Ahmadabad

Those who have been to Ahmedabad once know what the others who haven’t visited this city are missing out on. Well, if you are in the process of planning your next trip and are wondering what would be a good place to visit, then it is definitely Ahmedabad.

Well apart from the fact that you have the best hotels in Ahmedabad, there are plenty of other reasons as well which makes it very important for someone to visit this city, who wishes to get an idea about what India is all about. Here are some reasons that you will not be able to ignore:

  1. Ahmedabad is the place of the Gandhi Ashram which makes it a must visit for anyone who understands the significance of this place. This hermitage was built by none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself based on his life principles and is also an important site of struggle associated with the Indian freedom movement. This was the place from where the iconic Dandi March started and its name and significance has been etched in the pages of history. So if you are interested in visiting a place from the past, this ashram surely calls for a visit.
  2. Why will not visit Ahmedabad when it has so many nice places of relaxation to offer? If complete detoxification and clean air is what you are looking for at the end of a packed day of sightseeing then you can visit the Kankaria Lake or the Vastrapur Lake. Located within the city, these water bodies have a beautiful surrounding and definite solitude to them which we all need to relax. If you are more of a river front person than lakes, then you can visit the Sabarmati River Front, a river that runs almost through this city.
  3. Okay, if you are a foodie and you are yet to taste the authentic Gujarati cuisine, then you should plan a trip to Ahmedabad. The food here is delicious and there are so many safe street side stalls to opt from that you are bound to be spoilt for choices. Trying out the Gujarati thali is a must if you are looking for a hearty meal!
  4. Well, apart from the fact that Ahmedabad has the best resort in Gujarat; it also has some of the coolest shopping places. The Law Garden night market is a place from where you can get authentic Gujarati products like trinkets, clothes, souvenir items, etc. and if you know how to bargain, the prices will drop by leaps and bounds. The night eateries at Manek Chowk are also a foodie adventure that you can venture on.
  5. And last but not the least, Ahmedabad is home to many step wells which have an appeal of their own. Built to store rainwater, these wells which have mostly dried up now protected the people then from the harsh heat of the summer months. These are also known for their beautiful architecture.

Do you really need more reasons to visit Ahmedabad? Now all you need to do is pack your bags and get going!

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