Ceiling Look Gorgeous

6 Ways You Can Make Your Ceiling Look Gorgeous

6 Ways You Can Make Your Ceiling Look Gorgeous

When we think about decorating our room, the only things that come to our mind are the floor, walls and furniture. But what we often forget is the third wall of the room that is the ceiling, which is also an important aspect.

Most people don’t feel the need to add any embellishments to it, as they prefer a simple ceiling with no decoration at all.  Even though a plain ceiling looks absolutely fine, we can surely make it look more gorgeous with a little more thought. And trust us, a stylish ceiling will add the much-needed zest to the entire look of your room.

Now, if you too are thinking of ideas to make your ceiling look nice, then don’t waste your time. In this article, we have already covered the ground on how to decorate a ceiling (see what we did there? Wink wink!). So, without any further ado, let’s dive in straight!

  1. Use stencils or decals

If you have a smooth ceiling, then decals and stencils are a good option. They not only add an individual touch to the place, but also make it look custom. You will be glad to see that your room has adopted such a surprising look with these fine pieces and also it will grab the attention of your guests the moment they enter the room.

  1. Use wood mouldings

With a wood moulding you can easily convert your room into a piece of style. The best thing is these are inexpensive and easy to add. You can make them look a bit better by adding paint or stain to them. So, get a wood moulding that looks good on your ceiling and fix it with hot glue to make it an interesting feature of the room.

  1. Use plaster of paris arts

If you haven’t yet tried this option on your ceiling, then go for it without wasting any time. Plastic of paris is indeed a good option because of its two main advantages. Firstly, it is safe to use and doesn’t have any impact on the environment. Secondly, it is highly resistant to moisture that means your ceiling will remain safe even in rainy season.

Apart from these two features, plaster of paris is also strong and lasts for a longer time. You will easily get a variety of designs in your nearby shop.

  1. Use wallpapers

If you are under the impression that wallpapers are only used to decorate a wall, as their name suggests, then you are wrong. There is no such provision for them. They look great on the ceilings too, but you have to choose the right colour and design which synchronises with the entire room.

Make sure you are not applying wallpaper on both walls and ceiling; otherwise, your room will really look like a mess.

  1. Use lighting

Lighting is not only a way of brightening up the room, but also a key component of decoration. Just like other embellishments, such as a designer radiator, stylish furniture, painting and colour of the room, fancy lighting also plays a vital role.  They are a visible decorating piece and can turn your ceiling into the most stunning feature of your room. But make sure you are choosing the right lighting for the ceiling.

Just keep the room’s colour, size, available space and height of the ceiling in mind while going to buy them.

  1. Paint it

If you are getting worried or confused as to which decorative article you should go for, or if these ideas are falling short on your budget, then don’t worry! We have a much better option for you that is to simply paint the ceiling with a fine colour. If with the help of paint you can give a fresh and bright look to your walls, then why not do the same to your ceiling?  You can simply select a light colour or any colour that’s in contrast to the walls’ and paint your ceiling. This option is less expensive and more effective.

Now that you know what impact does a decorated ceiling have to the overall look of the room, go ahead and pick the idea that you like the most. Select the right design and décor for it. If you are getting confused as to which colour or design would look best, then you can consult an interior designer also.

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