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Internet security is not only concerned with a net but is also concerned with security for browsing the net, web sites but also applies to the application and operating systems. Internet security was established to protect users against various threats and attacks that are on the internet.  As the internet is the channel that is used to exchange the information which can lead to the risk of frauds, virus and various other.

There is no doubt that each and every person’s life is revolving around the internet. As we know that each and everything has its pros and cons. There are various cyber crimes that affect us. Numbers of hackers are waiting to hack our system. This may leads to various confidential data loss even some times financial losses.

Threats of the internet:

There are various threats that one can face for using the internet. Some of the threats are mentioned below.

Computer viruses: there are various programs that may infect your files and structure available on computers. The main work of the virus is to steal the data that is available on computers.

Keylogging: it is the type of spyware. In this hacker hacks the keyboard and records all the actions done on the keyboards.

Spyware: it is a program that records your each and every action of yours that you use on the computer. The information that others may not allow to use can also be recorded by the hackers

Phishing: this is an attack which makes the online user its victim. In this, the hacker pretends to be trustworthy by using fake websites and emails. This can lead to various financial losses as well as the loss of the confidential data.

Hacking: it is done by the person through spam emails by sending the spam emails the hacker can easily get access to our computers.

Remedies to be protected:

Security token: is the initiative taken by various sites which provides the user 6 digit authentication code that is valid for only 30 to 60 seconds, after 60 seconds it gets change and you may have to request for the new code.

Message authentication: message authentication is the way to get a secure network. One receives the security code and this code is valid for just 30 seconds and if you are not able asses the code within the time given you may have to request for the new one.

Antivirus: there are various antivirus softwares available in the market that may protect your computer from various viruses.

Password manager: it is one of the softwares that are used to keep the password secured and allows the user to manage the password in the encrypted format.

Norton internet security supports the user to be protected from various internet threats. Such software protects our computers, androids, and ios. This software indicates any type of threat detected by them immediately to users. It blocks the sites and other pages that may cause problems or that may are infected and can lead to entre virus in our system.

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