purchasing fake makeup & skincare

How to avoid purchasing fake makeup & skincare products from beauty shops?

When it comes to purchasing quality beauty products, everyone wants to learn to spot out the differences between fake and genuine products to ensure purchasing the best products from authentic manufacturers. Why people are emphasising to buy original cosmetic products from a reliable brand is the presence of poisonous compounds in fake makeup. Counterfeit products contain hazardous chemicals like arsenic, lead, rat poison or cyanide. Use of beauty products including harmful chemicals will damage not only your skin and hair but also injurious to your health.

Consumers are unknowingly purchasing fake products because spotting out the differences between counterfeit and original products is difficult due to similar packaging and appearance. They will have to test and inspect products before purchase to avoid picking fake products.

Here I am sharing a list of simple tricks, which will help to identify fake products from the original.

Don’t fool yourself with discounts

You must have heard the benefits of purchasing reputable cosmetic brands from licensed retailers. It is hard to resist when you see same products are available at a fraction of the cost at online shopping site or a cosmetic shop in the local market. Don’t forget to compare prices, before accepting concessions. Brands regulate their prices and offer discounts accordingly to benefit buyers. A sensible way to select discounts is to compare this price with original price. If the sale price is closer to full price, you may purchase it. Avoid retailers who are selling at notably reduced rates.

Carefully observe the packaging

To deceive consumers, manufacturers of counterfeit products pay particular attention to keep packaging close to genuine products. Still, they fail to achieve that perfect finish. You will identify these differences if you have picture or casing of original product. All you need is to compare both pickings to check common telltale signs like improper printing, misspelt words, different fonts, missing text and knockoff casing materials like low-quality plastic, mirror and sponges. Do check the label for the logo to see, if it looks similar to the one on the website or not.

Always purchase a reputable beauty shop

Whether you are buying from a beauty shop or you are ordering online, never show unnecessary agility. Don’t make random selections. Instead, consider spending time in research to find reliable and authorised retailers and beauty shops in Dubai selling genuine cosmetic products. Visit their website and social media pages to check customer reviews and posts. Browse through the product pictures to see what kind of products they are selling.

Call makeup manufactures directly

Purchasing branded cosmetic products is not less than a worthy investment. You have chosen the product because of its unique features. You don’t want to lose your money on low-quality phony makeup. Risks of purchasing the fake product are significantly increased with imported products, as they are often available in online stores. If you are unsure about the product credibility, you may contact the online store, or you can email the picture of the barcode to the manufacturer directly and request them to verify if the product is real. You may also call company to confirm about discount sale and prices.

Go to the brand website to find accurate information about genuine products. Nowadays, brands are also educating their clients about the difference between real and fake products. As they know, phony product manufacturers are making and selling knockoff products to destroy the brand image.

Conclusion: Follow these simple tricks and prefer buying from either from brand outlets or reputable beauty shops in Dubai to minimise the risks of buying fake products.

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