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A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Keyword Research in 2018 – Here’s How You Should Proceed

If you know the basics of SEO, then you may be aware of the importance of keywords too. This is going to be more critical in 2018, which will be a good year for those businesses to be successful whose websites will be presenting their best ideas to their target customers.

To do this, selection of apt keywords is essential. Having the most appropriate keywords on your website and web content a great challenge but is not impossible if you do proper keyword research and analytics. Using the right keywords will not only promote your returns on investment but also will help you to build allied business strategies too based on the market and consumer trends.

Keyword research

The methods and tools for keyword research may be the same for every business, but what varies are the settings of the business and purpose for which you need to look for the most appropriate keywords. This means that the success is not assured only by identifying the right keywords. Centering around it, designing your website to developing your social media strategy everything plays critical in ensuring the best ROI.

Keyword research tools

Keyword research is not that easy to do manually based on your analysis and intuitions, but one needs to make use of good keyword research tools too to ensure the most desired results. Starting from Google Keyword Planner, there are various technology tools available now to do in-depth keyword research and get appropriate insights. Further, let’s compare two of the top tools marketers use as Keyword inspector vs Merchant Words.

Features Merchant Words Keyword Inspector
Cost Monthly USD 30 (only US)

USD 60 (global)

Starting from $35,95
Frequency of updates Twice a month. More often for some keywords. Daily based on the search volumes
Available regions US, CA, FR, UK, DE, IT, ES US, UK, CA, MX, FR, IN, IT, JP
Calculation of search volume Data from Google, Amazon, and other relevant sources. Amazon data only.
KW volume 170,000,000 (total global) 72,000,000 (US + UK)
Unique features NA Trends and Indexation Tester.

Other choices

For those who are looking for more options in keyword planner, here are some of the most common ones in use by the experts:

  • SEMrush – One of the most versatile and powerful keyword tools.
  • Google Keyword Planner – It is the one which is most popular and ideal for anyone to start with.
  • Keyword – It is an ideal tool if you research on long tail keywords. You can get an insight into about 700 keywords instantly based on single words.
  • Buzzsumo – One can find the top trending content related to any industry.
  • Google Trends – Get an idea about the rising keywords against your search terms.
  • Ubersuggest – Offers suggestion on keywords for free.
  • SpyFu – This is your spy if you want to keep track of your competitor sites. It gives details of keywords used by a competitor and helps you to find mistakes of others and take leverage.

Well, this wraps up on the topic of the beginner’s insight to keyword research tools, and we will be discussing more such tools and usage in the forthcoming articles too.

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