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Benefits of hourly hotel room bookings

Benefits of hourly hotel room bookings

People and their needs keep on changing. And according to the change the industries around also need to shuffle up and change a bit. From products to services; everything in the market is by the people and for the people.

These days all the customers need flexibility in their services. In other words, they need to be spoilt with choices. This has also impacted a lot to the travel industry. These days’ hotel booking for an entire day is not what they want. They need it to be more convenient. They do not want to pay for an entire day if they need it just for a few hours.

That is why; the concept of hourly hotels in Kolkata and in other places of India has begun. This is also known as micro stay in popular terms. Here, the aim is to make the travel opportunity flexible and also fair to the pockets of the travellers. But the best part is, this is not only convenient for the travellers but also for those who are running the hotels. There is a huge impact on travellers on this room by hour concept. Here are some benefits of this amazing idea.

Travellers in transit

The travellers who travel frequently will get a lot of benefit from this. This is because; they mostly get long layovers in between connecting flights and trains. As a result, they are mostly in search for a comfortable corner where they can relax and spend those long hours. If they can book rooms for a couple of house then they do not have to wait in the airport lounge or sit uncomfortably in a station waiting room.

 Business travellers

They often land a few hours earlier as they need to attend an important meeting and they do not want to be late for that. Now once they land up in a place a few hours before the event they always need a place to freshen up. Also once the event is done, they may not need the booked room for the rest of the day as they are going to leave soon. So, booking a room for 24 hours is a sheer loss for them. They get a lot of benefits if they can book on an hourly basis. They can check in and check out according to their convenience.


Those who love to travel reach a destination and do not sit in the hotel room for an entire day. They mostly need a room to spend the night where they can sleep tight and gain energy for their next day adventure. So, booking room for only the night hours that they need for sleep is very worthy for them. The hours they stay, they pay for that only.

Academic travellers

There are many students who come to attend seminars for a few hours and need hourly bookings in hotels.

In fact, hotels also have a good benefit from this hourly booking concept. The authorities can sell the same room more than once a day. This adds up to the revenue.

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