Romantic Hotels For Couples In Delhi

Best Romantic Hotels For Couples In Delhi

Best Romantic Hotels For Couples In Delhi

Romantic getaways can be a perfect way to strengthen a relationship and get to know each other better. It’s great to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and just cozy up for a couple of days.

For that, you need a safe, comfortable, and beautiful hotel. You can book a pretty room, enjoy complete privacy, and explore the surrounding environment together. If you’re on the hunt for a couple hotel in Delhi, the list in this article will help you. It includes the 10 best romantic hotels for couples in the city.

  1. Alpine Tree


This is a safe, clean, and well-designed hotel close to the airport. It has 170 reviews on StayUncle and a four-star rating from guests, which makes this a great choice for couples! The hotel has WiFi, food, air conditioning, room service, car parking, and airport transfer. You can pay the bills with a card and can enjoy a quick check-in with local ids.

The hotel has great customer service and courteous, well-behaved staff. It is especially suitable for long stays.

  1. Chanakya Inn 


This is another conveniently located hotel with excellent customer service. The staff is polite, discreet, and professional. The customer service is available 24/7 and always willing to help. The hotel has WiFi, food, air conditioning, room service, car parking, and airport transfer. The rooms are large, well-designed, and comfortable, which can make your stay very pleasant.

  1. The Balsons International 

East Patel Nagar

This hotel is just 500 meters from Patel Nagar Metro station, which makes it easier for couples to travel.  The Balsons International provides free parking and WiFi on the property, along with 24/7 customer service. Other amenities include air conditioning, excellent food, great room service, and card payment options. The hotel also provides airport transfer.

This hotel is also a great choice for people looking for an LGBTQ-friendly couple hotel in Delhi.

  1. Ark of Avalon


This hotel offers a great 5-star look and feels along with a clean environment. The rooms are comfortable and well-designed, ensuring a memorable stay for all guests. Ark of Avalon offers wifi, air conditioning, food, great room service, airport transfer, and car parking. You can easily get in with a local id and get no judgment from the staff.

It is also one of the most affordable hotels on our list, which makes longer trips more budget-friendly.

  1. Hotel Viva Palace 


If you like privacy and intimacy, this hotel is a great choice for you. Viva Palace is a recent addition to the StayUncle network, but it already has 123 reviews and a great 4-star rating from the guests. You get all of the expected amenities from wifi to airport transfer. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and feel brand new!

  1. Hotel The Oakland 

Nehru Place

Hotel The Oakland is close to the Nehru Place market, which means almost everything is easily accessible. Its rooms are comfortable and offer utmost privacy to couples. The hotel has a quiet and comfortable atmosphere with discreet staff. All of your regular amenities are available.

This hotel offers a bathtub and is an LGBTQ-friendly establishment.

All of these hotels offer online room booking so you can choose a room and make an advanced booking without any hassle.

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