YouTube to MP3 Conversion

Best Sites for YouTube to MP3 Conversion

Best Sites for YouTube to MP3 Conversion

YouTube has completely changed the dynamics of marketing and content development. It has also supported the music industry to a great extent. Music videos have slowly gained much more popularity over the years. Previously it was only something that a few artists created. Currently, however, it is the staple and almost every music video released by a professional recording studio will have a well-made video to go along.

The spread of YouTube is so much that rather than using music streaming websites to listen to music, many people directly stream it on YouTube. Since the video is also forced to run in the background, there is extra bandwidth being used. This is something that is completely unnecessary, and is only a waste of data, and ultimately, money. For this reason primarily, YouTube videos can be converted into the mp3 format, which means that only the sound will be present in the final file.

There are numerous sites that can be used to convert the YouTube video to an mp3 file. You will just have to enter the link of the video onto the website, and then the video will be converted into its mp3 equivalent. Some websites even give you the option to choose the quality of the audio file that must be downloaded. This could be 128 kbps, 256 kbps or even 320 kbps. Naturally, as the bit rate increases, the size of the file will also increase. The bit rate here refers to the number of quantization levels that are assigned to the song multiplied by the sampling rate. You will also need a site to create large Youtube thumbnail for Facebook.

What one must remember, however, is that mp3 by its nature is a lossy audio format. It has been created with the goal of being as efficient as possible and reduces the file size of songs. The same song stored in the WAV format on a CD would take up more space. It was primarily created with the goal of storing songs on devices with limited storage, such as 256MB pen drives. The quality, naturally, takes a hit, but most people cannot actually feel or sense this reduction in quality. The sound in YouTube videos is in the AAC format, also known as Advanced Audio Coding. It was destined to be the successor of the mp3 format.

The YouTube to Facebook converters are often the fastest and cleanest ways of downloading the sounds of the video. They usually tend to have a simple user interface, and offer a wide host of applications. In some websites, you needn’t even have to paste the link onto the search bar. As soon as you copy the YouTube link and your mouse hovers over the search bar, the link is automatically put in. You can then choose the quality of mp3 file that you will need, and it will then begin the download. A good site must have a good server, which would allow it to ensure good download speeds for the user. After all, who wants to wait for 10 minutes to download a 5MB file, especially in today’s age of $G wireless networks?

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