Bulk firewood for sale

Bulk firewood for sale – Get the facts to find the best

Getting cheap firewood is certainly a matter of great delight. Hence, it is not surprising that while searching for firewood we aspire to look for such statements like “Bulk firewood for sale.”  Surely, this can be a great opportunity to save money on the purchase of some valuables.  However, you need to remember that with all other items “for sale” does not indicate the scope of bargaining. In your pursuit to avail the bulk firewood for your needs we have conjured a a list of tips to consider:

Softwoods are generally economical in comparison to hardwoods

Since softwoods do not burn for long, their price is cheaper.  Hence, do not be surprised to find that oak woods are costing more than pines.  Do not get discouraged that the lower price is symbolic of poor quality.  It may just be the case, that this is not the perfect wood to suffice your needs.

Avoid sales that contain a lot of white oak

White oak has got a bad reputation of not burning well like other hardwoods. If you are new to buying firewood this can be quite frustrating as you are paying for quality hardwoods.  Hence, make sure that you inquire about the type of oaks that are in the cord of wood.  This will ensure that you will get a quality batch.

Make sure that you will have enough time to season the wood

Seasoned firewood is the best of its kind. This is the process where you dry up the wood removing all traces of excess moisture. Hence, the wood can burn longer and does not take much time to ignite.  Regular firewood users are well aware that this process can take a lot of time.  Hence, experts are of the opinion that softwood should be given at least six months time whereas hardwood may need a full year.  You need to keep this aspect in mind while buying firewood.  Consider a situation where there is “bulk firewood for sale”, and much to your delight all of it is hardwood.  However, you may have to use it in less than a year.  Under these circumstances, it will be prudent to opt for cheaper softwoods as they can be seasoned properly and will burn longer.

If you are new to buying firewood for your fireplace then chances are that you may have just walked into a firewood dealer’s store and purchased either whatever he hawking on that very day or whatever was firewood box for sale. It becomes imperative for you to do some homework before purchasing firewood.  Only then you can hope to get the right type of firewood that will burn longer and produce sufficient warmth.

You need to avoid woods that have a high moisture content.  Hence, freshly cut firewood is a strict no.  There is more than 45-55 percent moisture content, which is excessively high for the wood to burn with efficiency.  Hence, seasoned firewood is your best bet as the moisture content is below 20 percent.

The next consideration when buying firewood is the energy level that the wood can produce. This is measured in BTU i.e. British Thermal Units. Hardwoods are ideal for long, slow, and hot burns. In this regard, mention could be made to white oak, beech, hickory, ash, and birch. All of these have high BTU level implying that they will produce higher energy levels. The only drawback is that they are not easy to ignite in the first place.  Proper fire making is knowledge intensive task and you need to prepare well for it.  If you adhere to the tips discussed you can make well-informed decisions to have the best fires this coming winter.

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