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How can you say fantasy cricket Games is better than the Real Cricket game?

The most religiously followed sport and the most popular mode of entertainment in today’s times are cricket and online gaming, respectively. Now combine them into one, and voila, you just created a magical term, “online or fantasy cricket game.” The ever-increasing craze for cricket across the world has compelled many online game developers to introduce an exciting array of online cricket games. The end result? A paradigm shift! All the enthusiasm, passion and excitement of a real cricket game are now in the hands of every cricket lover. And a new kind of competition and fervour has sprung up, inciting passion just like a real cricket game has been doing for decades. Therefore, e-cricket or fantasy cricket has earned its own devoted fans and huge spectator numbers, and in many ways becoming better than the actual game. 

How to Play a Fantasy League? 

Just like a traditional, real cricket, fantasy or e-cricket has star players, teams, sponsorships and millions of die-hard followers. You may choose a highly advanced graphics-enabled cricket game that comes with some charge or may opt for a free game. To play a fantasy league, be it test matches, one-day matches or the T20, all you have to do is carefully read the game description, just as you would learn the rules of a real cricket game and learn how to hit the ball, perform aggressive shots, prepare your defence and learn how to hit a cover drive, off drive, straight drive, on drive, leg flick and sweep shot. 

Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Fantasy Cricket!

An online game of cricket stimulates the player’s intellect and helps them focus on one task for hours at a stretch. It helps people be on their own for long periods and not be over-dependent on human interaction, thus having their own direction in life. Playing online cricket is really a psychological reward for the extended amount of concentration and effort. 

Why it is better?

Besides, how many of the cricket enthusiasts actually get to play a competitive game on the field? An online game of cricket does not set any limitations. It gives you an opportunity to transform yourself from a passionate but passive spectator to an active player, fulfilling your cricketing appetite. In some online cricket games, you even get to pick your own nation and team.

No need to go to fields, sit at home or in office or your car and play your favourite game.  The wide range of options gives you the feeling of a real cricket game as if you are standing on a cricket field surrounded by thousands of ardent fans cheering your team. Participate in leagues to win matches and money. 

The Fantasy Cricket Point System

In a fantasy cricket league, it is essential to play strategically in order to earn points at the end of each game. You can also win cash prizes depending on the points earned in the game. So choose your players wisely. Pick those who have already earned points in previous games. 

Some Final Words

As the clichéd saying goes, “A plethora of anything is bad.” It holds true for recreation, too. Overindulgence in online gaming or betting can be bad. You need to incorporate a healthy mix of physical activities and online gaming in order to be healthy and active.

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