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India has long established its reputation as a premier destination of medical tourism as it provides excellent, experienced and affordable orthopedic care for sports injuries, knee injuries, and spine as well as back care. Orthopedic surgeries offer various treatments and procedures that restore range of flexibility, motion, and enhanced qualityRead More →

The severity of a broken ankle can range from a break in one bone, which may not stop patients from walking to breaks in many bones that force the ankle out of place. In certain cases, ligaments are also damaged when an ankle is fractured, which contributes to the lackRead More →

Plastic Surgeon

With every passing year, the steps in cosmetic surgery are both impressive and profound. Surgical methods have become more refined as up-to-date equipment is applied by the finest plastic surgeons across the state. Traditional surgeries are now brought to the vanguard with better aesthetic results and nominally invasive incisions. TheRead More →

Cell Membrane

As told earlier, the fluid which lies outside the cell is called extracellular fluid and the fluid which lies inside the cell membrane is called intracellular fluid. The cell wall is a semi-permeable membrane. So it will allow only some ions to pass and restrict others. The extracellular fluid containsRead More →