Cell Membrane

As told earlier, the fluid which lies outside the cell is called extracellular fluid and the fluid which lies inside the cell membrane is called intracellular fluid. The cell wall is a semi-permeable membrane. So it will allow only some ions to pass and restrict others. The extracellular fluid containsRead More →

sunglasses for men

There are so many things that we do daily which we might feel not to be harmful but are actually causing a lot of distress to our eyes and our eyesight. Things like not wearing sunglasses while going out or not meeting the eye specialist might sound like small thingsRead More →

gastric bypass

Gastric Bypass is the most common type of surgery performed when it comes to bariatric surgeries. In this case, a small stomach pouch is created and then attached to the middle of the small intestine by bypassing a part of the intestine. Just like other metabolic surgeries, it changes theRead More →