Celebrating Republic Day in the right way at School

Celebrating Republic Day in the right way at School

Republic Day is more than just a festival. It was the day when our country took a monumental step towards becoming a mighty nation. But sadly, the importance of Republic Day is one thing that is not being imparted to the young generation of the country.

For them, 26 January is becoming just another public holiday, with the sole benefit of being able to sleep a few more hours. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that this is hampering the country’s future. Therefore, it has become a moral duty of sorts to educate young minds about the importance of Republic Day and inform them about the legends of India.

Schools have been trying their very best to make sure that children understand the importance of this significant day and respect the underlying values attached to it. Republic Day celebration echoes the history of Indian nationalism and the making of Indian Democracy, generation after generation.

It instills the sense of patriotism in the young minds and acquaints them with the rich heritage of the country which plays a significant role in the formative years of an individual.

So here are some of the activities that can make an impact on the minds of young ones:

Skits and Dramas: Dramas and plays are a fantastic way to teach students about the spirit of Republic Day. Students learn about legends like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and many other historical figures.

While playing the role of such legends, students will be able to generate a feeling of patriotism in them and understand the importance of this day very well. Such events and skits portray the real-life events and struggle that our freedom fighters went through for our country and is indeed an excellent way to educate young minds.

Patriotic speeches and guest of honours: Speeches work like a charm on the young minds of the country. When students listen to the heroic thoughts of freedom fighters and experience it through the words of respected authorities, then it will undoubtedly leave a long-lasting impression on their minds.

These words will be more impactful through a guest of honour, like retired army personnel. When students listen to such people, they try to live up to that mark, which helps in generating a righteous spirit in them.

Theme based stage shows: Calling professional artists to teach kids the story of freedom fighters is another thing that makes a huge difference. Such artists know how to keep their audience intrigued and by creating the themes and plays accordingly.

With their intense themes and acting, such stage shows can induce the spirit of contributing towards the betterment of the country.

We at MLSI understand that every mind is different, and therefore we try everything possible to teach the right morals and values to our students. We make sure that every student gets to learn about the importance of Republic Day through various activities, such as the ones mentioned above. This is done to ensure that our students do something for the betterment of the country in their special way.

Here’s wishing Happy Republic Day to all.

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