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Chris Bugbee- How Can Homeschooling Help Your Child?

In the past years it has been seen that homeschooling is improving the education levels of children over institutional schools in the USA. In fact, time is effectively utilized more in home schools over institutionalized schools that follow rigid schedules. They focus more on the learning needs of the child over engaging him or her in administrative activities. There has been facts and figures that display that home schools cater to the educational needs of the child and this is why it helps the child to learn more in a shorter span of time.

Chris Bugbee- homeschools can improve the quality of life for the child

Chris Bugbee is the Chief Operating Officer for One Star Foundation focusing on improving society and removing common social issues in the USA. He is in charge of this non-profit organization’s financial budget and human resource facilities. He says that in the field of education, home schooling plays a significant role in the overall development of the child. More and more parents should start to look at the advantages of home schooling for their children to grow and develop into balanced, learned and responsible human beings.

Develop closer family relationships

Homeschool children tend to develop family relationships that are closer. They develop an intimate bond with their siblings, parents and teachers. One-to-one teaching means that the child gets complete attention and the learning process is based on the needs of a child. For example, if a child is weak in class, he or she will fall back on the subjects taught as the teacher will progress to the next levels of teaching. However, in homeschooling the child gets extra attention and time when it comes to picking up lessons he or she is weak in.

Social ability to think and act independently

Homeschool children get the opportunity to think and act independently. They do not live under any kind of pressure that they face in institutionalized schools. They do not have to follow a strict schedule when it comes to classes, routine, homework etc. They grow up to become children to evaluate themselves and not be forced to act as per the norms laid down by a social organization or group. They embrace learning as a life-long process and not an activity that needs to be done at a specific place and at a certain time.

Chris Bugbee adds that homeschooling is controlled by parents and not teachers. This means the family gets the flexibility it needs for spending quality time with one another. These families are not forced to live as per the schedule of the school, they can plan and fit their routine as deemed fit. He says that peer pressure does not influence a child’s life as in institutionalized schools. Mostly children there are influenced by other children of the same age and maturity levels. Often this influence is bad and children start doing wrong things. In home schools this is controlled to a large extent as parents play a crucial role here and not children when it comes to shaping lives.

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