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Convenience stores today goes beyond the typical gas station

Convenience stores today goes beyond the typical gas station

It isn’t surprising that convenience stores sell more or less 80-percent of the gas and above 40-percent of all the packaged drinks including sodas and water bottles. However today, the services and offerings go beyond gas and beverages thus transforming the very concept.

Take the U.S. for instance where typical convenience stores nowadays conduct almost 160 million transactions per day, selling fresh meals, healthy options and many new cool gadgets so on. Convenience stores or “C-Stores” in common represents customers, communities and choices from healthy choices to indulgent treats.

Following are the facts redefining convenience stores today like Zoom gas station;

Serve meals

Foodservice sales in convenience stores that include both cooked foods and beverages are approximately 25-percent. Fresh prepared food and packaged sandwiches make total sales of $35 billion whereas likewise convenience stores around the world offer prepared hot meals on order like wraps, sandwiches, pizzas and gourmet fare as well. Not to forget those snacks and meals on-the-go with fresh cup of coffee and side lines like fruit yoghurt, salads and boiled vegetables.

Healthy options

Although indulgent treats at convenience stores are all too appealing, the most surprising is farm-fresh produces including fruits, vegetables and dairy goods as healthy options. In fact, growing countries recently saw a new trend of retail trade association between these c-stores and nutrition groups for more options and varieties in these healthy goods.

Even consumers are satisfied with the choices saying that convenience stores today offer more healthy options such as salads, fruits and more is yet to come. All of this is further fuelled by digital technology that let users browse complete range of goods being offered and make purchase accordingly.

Earth friendly

Most of the people use to dump their trash at industrial-size garbage disposals available at almost every convenience store that are now planning to play a bigger role in litter management. The aim it to maximise eco-friendliness and create awareness about the benefits of recycling and biodegradable products!

Community partners

Zoom gas station and likewise services around the world collectively contribute a specific sum/percentage to the non-profits organisations in the local community. The aim is to spread the message of equality and availability of quality products and services to all. Such programmes also help in raising awareness on health and nutrition as well as facilitate to disaster relief efforts.

Saves time

Whether fuel, drinks, food or fast cash, convenience stores today happens to have all including multiple ATMs from renowned banks to meet you immediate cash needs! A survey revealed that on-the-go customers take approximately three minute and thirty seconds per average in making purchase at these c-stores and return to their cars. Stores are further planning innovation that would even reduce this particular time to serve more customers in a faster and reliable way.

Key takeaways

  • Alternate snacks are gaining popularity especially protein and energy-rich items
  • New flavour combination with traditional thereby bringing something totally innovative
  • Functional beverages to quench thirst while packing vitamins, protein and many other nutrients


Convenience stores provide high-end food and beverage options with more on the shelf than you can possibly imagine.

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