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Different Types of Visitor Tracking Systems that Will Make Your Front Office Work Proper and Appropriate

Different Types of Visitor Tracking Systems that Will Make Your Front Office Work Proper and Appropriate

In India, ETIS is a software company that makes so many different types of visitor management software. They are so many different types of visitor management software that are used by the people of India. Some of the best visitor management software is:

  1. TouchPoint visitor management system:

TouchPoint visitor management system is an award-winning visitor management system which has helped the people a lot by its advanced features. It is a web-based visitor management system that has so many effective features. This type of visitor management software is very much effective for making the check-in and check-out. This software, help in maintaining the records and information of the people who have entered the site. These visitor management systems are used for making every kind of details safe and secure. These management systems have the ability to save the legal documents and NDA’s of the people in case of hard situations.

  1. Raptool visitor management system:

Raptool is a visitor pass management system which is 100% customizable that is it will help you out in customizing the system according to your needs. Therefore, this is the best management app or software that can be used for any kind of purpose such as for schooling, any kind of business or for the front offices of the company. These management systems help in tracking the movements of the visitors during the site or the company premises. Raptool is a GDRP ready visitor management system. It is an iPad –based visitor management system.

  1. Loobipad visitor management system:

It is a GDRP solution visitor management system and is the top-rated visitor management system with a rating of five stars. This is the most commonly used visitor management systems in the market. This management system can work on any kind of electronic device that is why this is used by people on a large scale. These types of management systems can be used by people for any kind of purpose.

  1. TrackTik visitor management system:

This is a visitor management system which is known for its security. This is the most secured visitor management system that will help you in saving or maintaining all the details and records of the visitors properly, safely and very securely. This management system has been at the top in the rate of security. It has an alert alarm also that will help out the companies in case of tough or hard situations.

  1. eLogger visitor management system: 

This is a visitor management system that store data on a high scale and has replaced all the book logs and made the life of people easier by protecting and storing all the data in them. Therefore, these management systems have enabled the company in going paperless. All the data stored in these management systems are very much safe and secure.

Therefore, these are the visitor pass management systems or software that will help you out in making your working of the company perfect.


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