Emirates id Abu Dhabi

Emirates id Abu Dhabi: Important features of ID card

With an effort to benefit all legal residents living in UAE, State Government of UAE has issued an electronic ID card for its residents. It is mandatory for every individual of over the age of 15 years to possess this card. This card is compulsory for all UAE and GCC Nationals and expats to live here lawfully. Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA) issues this card to residents after completing a formal application process.

UAE residents who are seeking to obtain Emirates id Abu Dhabi can submit their application to state-authorised Typing Center. Moreover, online application is accepted at the official site of www.emiratesid.ae. Regardless of the method applicants choose to file their request, they are bound to submit required documents along with verification of biometric information.

Why is this card unique?

Use of sophisticated technology has made Emirates ID card unique in several ways. An electronic chip in this card increases data security. This chip secures individual information from personal information to biological data. A unique number is allotted to a respective individual, which he/she can use to make identity-proved transactions with government bodies and private organisations. Convenience to use and high level of security has made this card extremely popular, and it is expected that soon it will replace all other cards, which are currently used for identification. These cards include health card, driving license and labour permit.

What are the unique features of this card?

This card is different from other cards in several ways. Some of its unique features are associated with the type of identity it offers to individuals and manufacturing method, whereas other characteristics are related to its components and contents. Technology is tactfully used to provide the highest level of data security.

This card is made of plastic polyester called Melinex. This material is recognised by multilayer security it provides. The exterior of this card is made according to international standards. It fulfils ISO standards related to natural features, dimensions and margin area. Candidate information like name, nationality, gender and date is printed on it according to ISO standards.

In addition to these physical features, technological features which are making this card highly secured and accurate is the use of microchip, which made it a smart card, biometric data and public key infrastructure, Digital Signature and Authentication certifications.

What is identification number?

Identity card inherently carries a unique number, which is allocated for an individual forever. This number is used everywhere to identify a user to entitle him/her for governmental, non-governmental and private services. A unique 15 digit number is issued for every single resident. Once it is granted, it remains unrepeated.

What is the electronic chip?

Electronic chip is just like a small microchip, which is capable of storing and reading data automatically when an individual is asked to reveal his/her identity to provide the evidence and authentication. This digital chip has the storage capacity to store 32 thousand letters. Confidential information is stored in an encrypted form. Only authorised authorities can access to view and edit this information.

Every smart card is printed with unique letters, line drawing and ultraviolet ink. Whereas nine security features provide multilayer security, which successfully prohibits the misuse of this card.

Endnote: In short this ID card is a real example of the use of state-of-the-art technology. These features have efficiently upgraded this card of Emirates ID Abu Dhabi.

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