Digestive problem threatening Pregnancy

Epilepsy and Digestive problem threatening Pregnancy

Systems and the organs of the body

Human beings have a lot of organs in their body and these organs are very much functional and their function helps us to live. They are very much key to the survival ourselves. One of the largest system present in the human body system is the digestive system that consists of many organs and organelles. Digestive system is present just to help the digestion process in pout body so that the food what we are talking very day gets digestion and the body can obtain the nutrient out of it and hence they will be very much effective enough to help in the production of the ATP also called as the Adenosine Tri-phosphate an energy rich compound, to give energy to the whole of the body for its functions and also for the survival. Digestion though this system is mainly done by the enzymes also called as the digestive enzymes which breaks the food in to smaller particles from complex and bigger sized particle and also help those smaller particles to under certain processes to extract ATP. Another important system is the nervous system. It is the most important coordination system present in the human body which is behind the each and every movement and the sense of the body. Problem in these organs will definitely cost the body in a very difficult way.

Pregnancy: another complex condition

Pregnancy, the most complex biological process ever takes only in the body of the woman, it is certainly unavailable to the male because the male body system is not at all made in that particular way to withstand that extreme pressure condition. The body of the woman in this phase of their gestation becomes very much weak so that a simple change of weather can cause a lot infections mainly respiratory problems and the also severe conditions like that of the allergic rhinitis. So the woman need to be very much cautious in this period as they will definitely harm the body if not taken care properly and in a way problem in the woman’s body will definitely cause problem in the baby as well. Digestion problem are very much problem in this phase for which they frequently face the sensation of heartburn due to acidity. For which doctors prescribe pregnancy digestion medicines which are very much effective in reducing the acidity content of the body. The composition of these medicines are very much similar to that of the normal digestive medicines although it should be taken without the prescription as doses might be different in many cases.


Pregnancy also contains many of the systemic problems as well. Neurological problems are very much common in many case. Epilepsy being the most common of all the neuro diseases that happen in pregnancy.

The diagnosis and the cure

The condition of the epilepsy is very much difficult and the doctors face real problem for the diagnosis and also for the treatment of the disease in the pregnant condition itself.

The problem with the medicines

There are many epilepsy medicine during pregnancy but usage of these medicines in pregnant involves great deal of risk as it has lot of side effects.

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