Facts About QSWP

Facts About QSWP

Being a part of Quebec as a skilled worker there is something everybody dreams about. Individuals do find problem to deal with the legal formalities and to check the eligibility whether they are good enough to go to Quebec under the Quebec Skilled worker program. There are different legal procedures that should be undergone in order to get the permanent residential address in Quebec. Well, it’s true that every other detail can’t be cover by you. Thus, Nile Immigration is here for you. The expertises in our company are highly qualified to deal with all the legal stuffs required. Even if one isn’t eligible, we do help them to meet up with the minimum eligibility required. With our help getting Quebec Skilled Worker Visa from India even becomes easier for one.

Before moving forward with the details, there are certain things you must be well aware about Quebec Skilled Worker Scheme.

Well, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or the QSWP is a program developed by the government of Quebec along with the Canadian Federal Government. Under this program, highly skilled workers and educated individuals can immigrate to Quebec as skilled workers. Under the scheme, an applicant has to apply for his/her application along with the marksheet and other required details. They are evaluated on the basis of a selection grid of factors and once they meet with the minimum eligibility, they can apply for their Canadian permanent residential address. If they get selected they can get their permanent address within 6 months and thus they can immigrate to Quebec finally.

Minimum Eligibility Under Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Before you finally apply for the Quebec immigration visa, you must be aware of the QSWP minimum eligibility. Well, the minimum eligibility is determined by 9 different selection factors. Under the selection factors, points are being allotted to the individual on the basis of the florishment  that he/she will be bringing on the economy of Quebec, once they are in the country. A must of 50 points is necessary to be scored by an individual to qualify. Apart from it, the one who applies with a spouse or a common-law partner must scored atleast 59 points as must.

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The points are being allotted after considering various factors. All the factors are mentioned below.

  1. Training – This field consists of maximum 26 points, (14 on the basis of education individual have received and 12 on the basis of the areas of training).
  2. Work Experience – Work experience is a must for working in some highly qualified area, a maximum of 8 points can be scored by an individual under this head. Having an experience of more than 4 years can get you 8 points.
  3. Age – Age is definitely a factor as it will affect the time for how long you would be working for the country.

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