Homes with a Different Take on Design

Homes with a Different Take on Design

Some people are easily sick and tired of average things. This is even noticeable with the rise of roses delivery industry; people no longer want to waste time looking for flowers themselves. And that’s a good sign. They tend to deviate from social norms and traditions. Some of these people go the distance in an aim to be unique and have refreshing view of their lives. Actually, it is not quite common to see people do things differently, some go for outrageous taste for fashion, hobbies, interests, careers, and while others choose to live in weird homes.

Around the world, there are a handful of houses that fall into the category of unique, avant-garde, or pure weird. These houses are considered weird because of their odd features, shapes, and house designs. Below is a short list of these odd-looking houses around the world.

Houses made of steel are not uncommon these days. In fact, if you own a roses delivery business, you will not be surprised if your client owns one. Some of modern houses are complimented with different types of metals to fortify the structure. However, this particular house in Lubbock, Texas is quite different in different aspects. First, the architecture and design of the “Steel House” are miles different from other ordinary steel houses. The general shape of the house seemingly represents an animal or a machine. According to its builder, artist and architect Robert Bruno, he wanted the house to look like a structure mimics the shape of an animal and a machine. The estimated weight of the house has been approximated at around 110 tons.

Like houses straight from a sci-fi movie, the Bubble Castle is a product of imagination and artistry of its designer, AnntiLovag. The designer is known in the world of house designs as someone who is bold, avant-garde, and different. These particular qualities are apparent with his creation, Bubble Castle. One of the first things you could observe about the structure is that there are no sharp angles or straight lines, which are staple features of any traditional and modern houses. According to reports, Lovag wanted to incorporate nature, rocks in particular, with the general concept and design of the structure. The structure is so unique that France’s Ministry of Culture has considered it historic monument.

What will you get if you have two eccentric designers and two spheres? There could be dozens of creations, but you could definitely get the Free Spirit Sphere. The structure, which is a hanging room, is the creation of Tom and Rosy Chudleigh. The couple has two spheres on their property; one is the Eve model that has nine feet in diameter, and the Eryn model that has 10.5 feet in diameter. The spheres are designed to gently rock in the wind and have average weight of 1100 pounds. The couple’s sphere has helped them build a name for themselves as designers with unique approach as they are in demand for creating spherical living spaces for customers around the world.

The brainchild of architect and professor at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, Terry Brown, the Mushroom House has unique and odd design. The structure takes the shape of a mushroom. Having inconsistent and rippling wood work, odd shapes, and different materials, the Mushroom Shape is surely a head-turner. The bizarre design of the house does not end on the outside as the interior design and architecture inside are likewise eccentric. Brown built the structure between 1992 and 2006, with the help of his students.

These houses only prove that in architecture and house designs, the possibilities are endless. The imagination of the designers and architects are limitless, and as it is, it would not be surprising to get to know of weirder and more bizarre structures in the future.

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