username and password for mywifiext login

How to find username and password for mywifiext login is a very useful web address which allows you to set up NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender with ease. It is meant for opening NETGEAR Extender Setup page. If you want to make setting changes in an already installed extender, it can also be done via mywifiext. All you have to do is merely open login page by entering login credentials.

But most of the users are presented with ‘password is incorrect’ error even if they enter the right password. To get rid of this issue, make sure to carefully read our complete article. Here, we will teach you how to find username and password for a successful login. Scroll down to read more.

Find login credentials for

First and foremost, let us make you aware of the complete steps to log in to

  • Power on NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender.
  • Launch an internet browser.
  • Type 168.1.250 IP address.
  • If you can’t log in to the webpage, exit the browser window and try again.
  • Connect computer to extender wirelessly.
  • Finally, the login page will appear.
  • Fill in username and password in provided boxes.
  • At last, click on log in button.

Once done, it will open NETGEAR Genie Setup page which is an automated configuration page for setting up WiFi Range Extender. You can also use or mywifiext.local web addresses if doesn’t work for you.

But the main problem happens when users can’t get access to this webpage even after making so many efforts. Though you enter the correct password, yet error messages continue to appear.

These errors depend on the web browser you use. You will be accompanied by different error messages on different browsers. The main reason behind this issue is that is local web address which means it shows the saved index file. It is not a standard website on the web.

When you buy a new extender, it usually comes with NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender Manual which contains step-by-step guide for setting it up, model number, default username and password and much more.

NETGEAR Extenders come with default login details for However, these details only work if you access this web page for the first time.

However, if you ever changed default username and password then remember to use the current login details for login. It may also happen that you forget the login details. In case the credentials don’t work for you, try changing these details. Let’s have a look at the following steps to change admin credentials:

Reset admin password

In this modern life, everyone is stuck with their hectic schedules. Having said that, it is quite normal that we fail to remember our username and password for some important accounts. Mywifiext is one such important account as it makes the process of New Extender Setup a piece of cake.

If you also forget the login details, reset the extender to default factory settings. All you have to do is simply press the reset button. Beware of resetting as it will wipe out all customizations in settings made by you.

In case you still can’t access login page, feel free to contact experts on toll-free number 1-888-829-5515. They will help you out with instant and targeted solutions.

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