HR – The Misunderstood Department in the Companies

Human Resource or HR as it is known across the world has always been at the backlash of the other departments in the company more so with the managers and senior managers. While the role of a HR executive is to smooth line the entire recruitment process to ensure a hassle free hiring, it is also required to take some harsh decisions that are in the better interests of the company and this is where the misalignment between the HR and the other Department kicks in.

So then how does a HR professional handle these other departments? In addition, by other departments it may mean line managers or supervisors who feel that HR is not doing a good job of recruitments.

The HR professionals are quite adept in hiring the right talent for the company and if the candidate shows, even a slight bit of promise then training him or her and developing the talents to suit the requirement of a company. However, the managers at most times have a feeling that HR as a department is doing nothing for the company and hence there is always a slight conflict between the managers and the HR department.

HR professional is responsible for screening the candidates for the company, ensuring that the candidate is a perfect or near-to-perfect fit for the company before finally presenting them to the managers for the final recruitment round. Therefore, if HR were not doing its job properly the managers would be dealing with all that basics and wasting their valuable time.

Yes, as a HR person, you will have to deal with all this and more but if you are professional in your approach, and hold a professional certification in HR, there will be no stopping you. Therefore, if you are planning a career in HR, here is what you need to know.

HR Careers

While HR careers are quite lucrative, there are two important things you need to know before you take up human resource as a career and they are –

  1. People liking skills
  2. Professional certifications

Professional Human Resource Certification  

A professional Human Resource Certification will speed up your HR career with the right boost that your career may need. In addition, a professional human resource certification will place you better in terms of remuneration and better job offers especially if you are in metros or other larger cities. So when considering a career in HR, do give a thought to professional human resource certification.

Top HR Professional Certifications   

When going for top professional certifications for HR – the first and foremost name that comes to mind is TMI – The Talent Management Institute. TMI certifications not only add pace to your HR career, but they also safeguard your career against misfortune. TMI offers certifications like TMP, STMP, and GTML. While TMI is the best professional certifications for HR, there are other certifications that you may choose from include – PHR Certification, SPHR Certification among others.

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