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Ideal way to make a hotel booking when visiting Pune with friends

Pune is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but being located so near to Mumbai, it is quite expensive as well. So it always helps if you plan a trip with your friends to Pune when low on cash, because the cost then gets divided.

So what is the first thing that you will have to do when you are planning a trip to Pune with your friends? Why of course! Book a hotel! So if you are thinking about booking the perfect hotel in Pune where you can stay with friends, then here are some options that will help you to get the ideal booking done:

  1. Always look for dormitories when travelling with a pack of friends, because then the cost will get shared and you will also have fun because all of you will get to spend the night together. If travelling in a smaller group then look for couple rooms or double bed rooms where at least three people can stay together. Talk to the hotel when you make the reservations as to how many people do they allow in each room.
  2. When looking for hotels in pune, especially when travelling with friends, look for hotels that are comfortable with hosting a group of people because it is but natural that when friends will travel together, you will have long night chats which might be a little loud. Some hotels are comfortable with that while others are not. So look for hotels that are couple friendly or friend tour friendly. There are quite a few apps through which you can refine your search and find the hotel of your choice.
  3. One of the most important considerations is the budget. The budget should be such that when divided per head, everyone is comfortable with it. So ask your friends if they are ok with the budget or not and then get the booking done. Always divide the money beforehand so that you can avoid any last minute confusions. This will help you and your friends in sorting out the budget and making sure that all are comfortable with the cost per head. You can in fact, customise your hotel search based on your budget considerations.
  4. Look for hotels which are located in the prime locations of Pune. This will be of great help because then you will be able to move around freely without having to spend much on travel. You will also be able to easily access means of conveyance when staying in a prime location.
  5. And finally when it comes to making your hotel bookings, always get your booking done beforehand if you are planning to stay for sometime in Pune. However if you suddenly plan for a short visit or will be passing through Pune for just a couple of hours, then look for hotels where you have the option to pay per hour. This way you will be able to save on the hotel cost.

Keep these pointers in mind and your hotel booking when travelling to Pune with friends, will be sorted.

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