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list of best camera phones of 2017-2018

Smartphones are a quintessential part of our lives. However, different people have different priorities while selecting the Smartphone. While few look for a powerful processor, the others prefer a device with huge internal storage. For certain individuals, the display of the phone is most important while, for others, an outstanding camera is a pre-requisite. There are many models with various camera features. The resolution of the camera makes it more useful in some cases, and hence many buyers love to check the camera features before buying the device. The size of pixels, aperture speed, and screen resolution make one have a beautiful image as well as video viewing experience.

As numerous makers have different types of cameras on their devices, one needs to check all of them before finalizing one. If as a user,you are also one of those who has a penchant for the amazing camera, here a comprehensive list of the best camera phones of 2017:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

This beautiful device is one of the best one with an amazing camera in the middle segment phones. It has a 13MP rear camera with dual tone LED flash and a 5MP front camera which is decent for a mid-range phone. Performance wise the device is packed with Octa core 2 GHz processor along with Snapdragon 625 chipset and a 4GB RAM. Look wise the device flaunts a 5.5-inch IPS LCD full HD camera with 401 ppl. It has got a 4100 mAh battery which is a plus point for the device. One can buy the device at Rs.13999. Though the device falls into the lower medium price range, and hence one may not expect quality image, this brand has made people change this thinking of the people.

Nokia 3

The Nokia 3 is yet another budget Smartphone which comes with the amazing camera. It offers 8MP primary and front camera with LED flash which enables clicking pictures in the dark. The device is of a 5-inch IPS LCD HD display with 294 ppi which is decent for a mid-range device. This model has 2630 mAh battery along with 2GB RAM which is ok for the segment. Performance wise the device is packed with 1.3 GHz processor along with MediaTek MT 6737 chipset. The market leader has beautiful picture quality, and hence for the selfie lovers, this is a perfect device to go for.

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 is one of the amazing devices which has its camera as one of the most outstanding features. The device offers a dual primary camera with 16 MP + 20 MP with dual tone flash along with a 16MP front camera which is the best in class. It is a must buy for people who wish for a brilliant camera device. This device is a known one among the selfie lovers who love to get the selfies and images frequently. The dual tone flash helps one to have the best of the quality images.

Among the other features, one can find Octa core 2.45 GHz, Quad core + 1.9 GHz, Quad core processor along with Snapdragon 835 chipset and an amazing 8GB RAM. It is powered by a 3300 mAh battery and 5.5-inch optic AMOLED full HD display with 401 ppl. This device is also known for its processor and battery that can help the users to carry on using the same for a long time.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

The Samsung J7 Prime is yet another device from the mid-range that offers an amazing camera. This model is provided with a 13MP rear camera with LED flash along with the 8MP front camera. Look wise the device flaunts a 5.5-inch TFT full HD display along with a 3300 mAh powerful battery which is quite good for the segment. Performance wise the device offers 1.6 GHz processor along with Samsung Exynos 7 Octa chipset and 3GB RAM. The device is priced at Rs.14490. This device is not only with beautiful camera resolution but also with the trust of the brand which is much famous across the smartphone market. Due to its excellent quality of the device only this brand is famous in the market.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

The Samsung device offers an equally amazing front and rear camera with 13MP along with LED flash. It is powered by a 3300 mAh battery along with 5.7-inch IPS LCD full HD display with 386 ppi which is average in the class. Performance wise the device packs an Octa core 1.5 GHz processor along with MediaTek MT6757 chipset and a 4GB RAM.  The device can be bought at Rs17890. It is another device from the famous brand with camera quality of this device is simply unbeatable.

Lenovo K6 Power 32GB

The Lenovo K6 offers an amazing camera at peanut price. The device is simply priced at Rs9299 and offers a 13MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera. It is packed with Octa core 1.4 GHz processor with Snapdragon 430 chipsets along with 3GB RAM. It comes with 5-inch IPS LCD HD display with 441 ppl and a 4000 mAh non-removable battery. This Chinese brand is also much known among the selfie lovers for the camera quality and image resolution.

Vivo V5

It offers an amazing 13MP primary camera with LED flash. The catch is with the front camera as it comes with a whopping 20MP front camera which is amazing for a mid-range phone. Among the other features, one can find 3000 mAh non-removable battery along with a 5.5. Inch IPS LCD HD screen with 267 ppi which is average for the segment. Performance wise the device is packed with Octa core 1.5 GHz processor along with MediaTek MT 6750 chipset and a 4GB RAM. It is priced at Rs.15499. It is one more device that offers stunning picture quality and unbeatable resolution that is loved by every user.

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