Love Chinese food

Love Chinese food… Know These Facts about Your Favourite Cuisine

Love Chinese food… Know These Facts about Your Favourite Cuisine

The Manchurian dishes have quite a resemblance with traditional Chinese cooking techniques. They are however, believed to have originated in the creative minds of the Chinese chefs in Indian restaurants. The traditional Manchu cuisine or Chinese cuisine substitutes Indian garam masala for soy sauce and corn starch to maintain its authenticity. Manchurian non-vegetarian dishes contain chicken, mutton, fish or prawn cooked in a spicy brown sauce.

Varieties of Manchurian

As the Indians know it, Manchurian is extremely popular Chinese preparation. As the name suggests, Manchurian food is native to the Manchurian region covering a large portion of China and even parts of Russia. Manchurian dishes can be cooked both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian ways. Cauliflower or

gobhi Manchurian is a famous vegetarian dish, whereas the chicken Manchurian is preferred by the non-vegetarians. However, the basic ingredients of chopped onions, ginger, garlic, green chillies remain the same in both the kinds.

Prominent Flavours of the Chinese Manchurian

With the advent of the Chinese cooking styles in the Indian kitchen, the Manchurian culinary style originated. This was attributed as the Indo-Chinese form. In the Manchurian food the brown sauce was used which had a sweet and salty yet tangy taste. The food mainly featured spices like coriander, chilli, garlic, ginger, sesame, turmeric, cumin, black pepper and even dry red chillies. The use of yogurt in foods was also quite frequent.

Let’s talk Veg: Types of Your Favourite Cauliflower Manchurian

The gobhi Manchurian is an Indian snack which consists of cauliflower florets, chopped capsicums, onion and garlic as the base ingredients. Look for Manchurian recipe in hindi for various other options like- paneer Manchurian, soya bean Manchurian, etc. The ancient Chinese seasoning methods were a bit modified to suit Indian tongue. This is basically, a two-stage preparation. Making of corn flour batter with spices in which the cauliflower florets are dipped in fried consists of the first stage; cooking the fried florets further in chilli or soy sauce along with chopped vegetables like capsicum, onion and garlic constitutes the second stage. Ajinomoto is added in a few dishes to enhance the flavour, aroma and the taste of the dishes. The taste of the Manchurian dishes generally varies from moderately spicy to fiery hot depending in the occasion and recipe.

Kinds of Cauliflower Manchurian

Dry Gobhi Manchurian: Here the cauliflower florets are dissolved in a relatively drier sauce. Hence it is offered as a starter at restaurants or even served as snacks in parties. Dipping sauces are either hot and sweet ones or the spicy chilli sauces. This dish is common at any snack bars; offered along with a drink often.

Gravy Gobhi Manchurian: A thick, spicy soup like curry made of corn flour engulfs the cauliflower florets here. This is generally served as a side dish along with Chinese main courses. Gobhi Manchurian usually consists of usual ingredients like corn flour, cauliflower, maida, capsicum, spring onions, chilli sauce etc. yet there are a few variations among the dry cauliflower Manchurian and gravy cauliflower Manchurian.

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