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Major Guidelines for improving Mobile App Typography

Do you want to learn more about a few guidelines with regards to typography? Just check out the article now

An Ideal typography is not something that makes us read but also makes us feel. It allows a user to focus on the content and it affects how it’s understood and perceived. It’s merely of great help in setting the personality of your product and improves the user’s overall experience. The magic happens when it works visibly while making your design legible and visually satisfying.

In here, we’ll go through a few basic guidelines to improve the topographic quality of you designs whether it’s a mobile app or web. So let’s Dive in:

Start by Choosing One Typeface

Choosing the most suitable typeface for your body text is imperative. It will determine the decisions of any other typeface like headlines and labels.

It’s all because the body text is the most common element in a product. The look and feel of your body text will have a tremendous impact on the typographic quality of your design.

There are 4 main categories of Thai faces to choose from.

  • Serifs
  • Without serifs. Like San Serif and etc.
  • Display Styles

There many other subcategories but let’s focus on the main ones for now.

Serif Typefaces

These particular typefaces have the small lines attached to the end of a stroke in a letter. Most Edition Publications like books newspapers and magazines use serif typefaces for body text. Sans serif typeface is the ones lacking serif details. They often appear more modern than serifs.

San Serif Typefaces

Sans Serif typefaces happen to be the preferred choice for web design because they render better on low-resolution screens. Today, screens have higher resolutions and serif fonts look just as good. 


These typefaces look like handwriting and can be very fluid. Formal scripts often look elegant just like wedding invitations whereas the modern ones can be more casual. It’s advisable to avoid them for body copy.

Display Typefaces

Also known as Decorative typefaces, these are best suited for headlines and short copy but not for body text. For sure, they can make your designs to stand out, but they can also make it look cheesy. Therefore, use it only if you can handle it aesthetically. Expert designers use it very carefully

Note: If you are dealing with the product design, its better just to use a serif or sans serif typeface.

For Example, you chose one typeface for your body text. Now you want to get creative and combine different ones. At this point, things can get pretty crazy.

So here’s one important thing to keep in mind:

Play with Styles

Modern Web Typefaces already come with many different styles, which means they come in distinct weights and even have unique styles for body and headlines.

Want an example? Check out the San Francisco typeface from apple. When choosing a font, a quick way to narrow down the options is to filter and out the ones with less than four styles.

So if you are in association with the professional android developer Dubai and supposed with come up with some exquisite typography, follow the guidelines mentioned above.

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