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Marquez Private Wealth Management – 3 Key Factors Retirees Should Consider When Investing

Marquez Private Wealth Management – 3 Key Factors Retirees Should Consider When Investing

Most people look forward to retirement. This phase of their lives gives time to relax. They get the opportunity to visit different places which couldn’t during their employment years. Some even try their hands on a new hobby. However, this period also brings its own set of worries for such individuals. One of them is how to make ends meet with a limited income. Many of them may soon come to realize the pensions they receive are not sufficient. After all, they aren’t earning a regular salary anymore. This is the reason why many of them look for ways to become financially independent. One of them is by investing.

Marquez Private Wealth Management is one of the most popular financial establishment in America. The officials of this concern conduct their market operations from Pasadena, California. Many people in the world of business regard it as a premier institution. The experts of this organization provide a wide range of services to the public. This includes investment advice, retirement planning, real estate management, and business consultancy.

In the view of the professionals of this financial organization, most investors are aware of an important fact. Choosing the right asset allocation is vital to accumulating wealth over time. Retirees need to remember this aspect while scrutinizing various options. Above all, they should consider the following important 3 factors when selecting the best scheme:

1. How much money do they need?

Retirees need to determine how much money they need to live comfortably in this stage of their lives. They can’t expect to incur the same level of expenses as they did during their working years.

Otherwise, they maintaining the same lifestyle becomes a tall order. Moreover, many of their costs change over time. These individuals will obviously be spending more on healthcare than they did in their youth. This is a fact which they can’t deny. Moreover, they got to keep this aspect in mind when choosing the right investment policy.


Retirees cannot afford to ignore the effects of inflation. Unlike the younger generation, they can’t expect an increase in their income. This makes it difficult for them to offset the increase in prices with their pensions. It also reduces the real value of the sum of money they receive during this phrase. The investment schemes they select should ensure the purchasing power of the returns remains constant. Otherwise, they find it difficult to maintain their financial independence during fluctuations in the economy.

3. Having adequate liquid cash

Many retirees want to invest in schemes which offer a lucrative return over a long period. After, almost all of them are unsure of how long they’ll survive. However, it is prudent on their part to scrutinize other options. They look for policies which can help them to convert their financial assets into cash at short notice.  These individuals need the right balance between liquidity and returns. This ensures they don’t face any difficulties during this phrase.

According to the experts of Marquez Private Wealth Management, there is no reason why retirees can’t be financially independent. They just need to choose the right investment options. The incomes from these schemes can easily supplement what they receive as pensions. However, they need to keep in mind the above 3 factors before taking any final decision.

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