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How Meredith Iler Sees the Change in Philanthropy And Its Trends?

Change has always been inevitable, and with the dawn of civilization, everything has gone under a change every single day. In the last one decade, Science has brought in huge changes, which have helped us live a better life. Similarly changes have come in the ways of doing good for the community as well. Here are a few exciting trends that philanthropy finds in the last few years, and Meredith Iler mentions them meticulously.

Impact Investing- A Positive Vibe Created in Doing Good

There are two ways, philanthropy finds funding from the community- one, the grants for creating a social impact in true sense, and two, a mode of investment that helps in financial growth. There are plenty of worthy causes in Houston itself, which needs to be addressed, and people are interested to help the non-profit organizations so that they can in turn meet with these demands and make it worthy enough. However, from the donor’s point of view, such a donation doesn’t return them back anything.

Investment fund is a completely different scenario altogether. The capital worth collected for philanthropy is accumulated in this particular sector, and they are invested in private markets for a maximized return. Issues like environment, labor practices, food, education, gender pay disparity, health care or fighting human trafficking are also addressed with the grants of this nature, but at times, the money utilized are often found to mismatch with the cause it was donated for.

Program Related Investment in Philanthropy and Its Growth

According to the Tax Reform Act of 1969, the program for PRI was granted. And it is defined as a method through which capital money can be accumulated for both the profit and non-profit organizations which address multiple social and environmental causes which concerns the benefit of the community at large. If a NGO has a certain asset value, it can invest it or lend for a philanthropic activity, and this Meredith Iler believes is a significant move on the part of the NGOs.

Women Bring in A Positive Change- One That Counts

Women have indeed brought in a serious impact to the face of philanthropy. As the fundraising activities and the capital collected is increasing every single day, women have come up and started taking the charge. Why would US like to consider this as a big change? While addressing this, she said, women in the US run more than 10 million businesses, and the entire worth of this counts up to $1.1 trillion. In fact, 26 percent of the working wives have been earning more than their husbands. As far as private wealth section is concerned, women have taken the charge of controlling the entire sector. All of this accumulates to put in a deep impact and hence allows the world to progress.

Philanthropy is indeed changing, and this evolution is definitely going to do some good to the entire community. The sooner it gets capitalized, the better the world can be seen in no time.

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