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Need A Healthy Snack This Monsoon? Think Soup!

With summers leaving us and monsoons round the corner, many of you must have started thinking of the much loved combination chai and bhajji. We all like to binge eat chai and bhajji, while chit chatting with our friends or family and listening to the rain drops trickling on the roofs and the parapets. But sadly we all know how unhealthy this combination could be. While chai is no threat and is eternal love for many of us; it’s the fried savoury that makes health issues.

So does that mean now can’t be excited about the monsoons? Nope absolutely not! What if I tell you that you can enjoy monsoons just the way they are supposed to and that too in a healthy way? You don’t need to scratch you head! You can always replace the chai bhajji combination with tasty and healthy soups! This is one of the best options for all of those people who live far from family and yet need a good snack. You always have the option of soup delivery. This way you can try out different flavours and also be healthy!

For those who do have the option to cook their won food or stay with families can also make different kinds of soups at their home. If you are one of those who do not believe in eating from out then there are a number of soup options that you can try out at your home, they are very easy to make and hardly will take much of your time and effort.

Here I am listing top 5 soups that you can easily try out at your home:

  1. Lemon coriander soup
  2. Clear chicken soup
  3. Tomato soup
  4. Spinach soup
  5. Mixed vegetable soup

Apart from these there are many other soup recipes that one can try out at their home. But they will definitely need more of your time and patience too. The manchow soup is very popular amongst the people for its tangy taste. It is a bit on the spicy side and is garnished with crunchy noodles which add more flavour to the soup. Then there is cream mushroom soup which I know you would love too. Also there are a number of new soup recipes that keep coming out every day. But you have to have a magic hand to try it out at your home.

If you still wish, you could look up for some fancy soup recipes online and try them out on your weekends. But then again if you are too lazy you can always look for soup restaurant delivery option and have the best of all. It is any day better than having ready to eat soup from a pouch!

So whatever it is that you decide, you can enjoy your monsoons in a much healthier way than before. All you have to do is pick up your phone and order for your favourite soup from your favourite restaurant and you are all set for the monsoons.

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