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Why Online Healthcare is the Future

Why Online Healthcare is the Future

The internet has been relatively slow when it comes to healthcare, but it has finally made its inroads and changed it in more ways than we can imagine. With the cloud and the Internet of Things changing the scenario rapidly, it was only inevitable that healthcare would also become online. This includes uploading patient histories, wearable tech and affordable online consultations. Today there are many portals that offer online consultations, including hospitals and clinics.

As the internet takes over more spaces in our life, this will get further streamlined and efficient. Despite its many benefits, there are still people who find it difficult to trust the process. So, here are some top benefits of online consultations:

Save effort and time

What is the most common reason for procrastinating doctor visits? In most cases it is because we are too busy to go to the hospital or clinic. If your healthcare centre is closed on weekends, this becomes even more difficult. A trip to the doctor usually involves a waiting time and then the actual consultation. That is, not adding in the time you will inevitably spend ion a traffic jam. This usually means taking a half-day. You miss out on work and possibly, part of your paycheck.

Online consultations, on the other hand, are quick easy and more importantly, achievable while sitting on your office desk. All you have to do is log on, answer some queries and there is your diagnosis. The entire process takes mere minutes. Sometimes the time saving is as much as 90%

For people with mobility issues

It is tailor made for people who cannot move around. This includes busy professionals and harried stay-at-home parents. It is equally important for senior citizens who cannot afford to make frequent trips to their clinic. The ability to wrap up their health consultation while staying at home can be critical in such cases. It is especially important for people living in remote areas who cannot always get access to expert care.

Save money

The reason online care is becoming popular is simply because it is more economical. Affordable online consultation here includes a number of benefits. You can save on time and effort as explained above. But the fact is that it is also priced much lower than actual visits. The cost per patient is much lower here when compared to in-office visits. As healthcare becomes more and more expensive, the affordability of online healthcare is one of its major selling points. Many websites also offer consultations for tests that are otherwise quite expensive.

Increasing patient care quality

A number of studies have shown that patient care through online avenues is just as good as real world care. Diagnosis, treatment plans are just as effective and efficient. Even then there may be no alternative to an actual doctor visit. In some cases, a doctor may be reluctant to diagnose without seeing a patient. But even here online consultations offer some significant advantages and this comes in follow-up care.

Studies have shown that many treatments fail because of lack of follow-up. This is usually because the patients ignore its necessity or are too busy to follow through. Online consultations provide a welcome alternative to the problem. Affordable online consultations that are convenient and accessible ensure that quality of healthcare increases across the board.

Tech support

Online consultations will eventually be an inevitable part of health tech. As wearable gadgets make health monitoring possible 24X7 and the IoT brings all care together in a seamless package, going for online consultation will just be part of the overall efficient healthcare ecosystem.

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