Operation Theatre Course

Operation Theatre Course – Checkout Types of OT Courses and Tasks of OT Technicians

Operation Theatre Course – Checkout Types of OT Courses and Tasks of OT Technicians

Operation theatre course is one of the popular courses among the students. If you want to make a career as an Operation Theatre Technician, then OTT courses will be helpful for you in this regard, however, you also need to be familiar with the course types, eligibility criteria, admission process, career prospects, and other crucial aspects.

The courses of operation theatre technology are job oriented. In this country (India), several types of this course are available and some of these prominent are Operation Theatre Management, Operation Theatre Technology, Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology, and Operation Theatre Techniques.

The aforementioned subjects are associated with same topics and the core subjects along with training are all same irrespective of the name of the course.

Courses in Operation Theatre Technology

In India, the courses of Operation Theatre Technology are available in three main forms and these are Bachelor of Science Degree courses, Diploma courses, and Certificate courses.

Bachelor of Science Degree Courses

The number of B.Sc. programs involved with OT Technology is available in this country (India). After the completion of the BScotcourse, successful students will be awarded the ‘Bachelor of Science’ Degree. Among three aforementioned courses, the particular degree course format is the most precious one.

Some of the prominent courses of B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology available in this country (India) are B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology, B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Management, B.Sc. in Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Management, B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Techniques, B.Sc. in Medical Technology (Operation Theatre), and B.Sc. in Surgical Technology.

The duration of the Bachelor of Science Degree is 3 years and the academic program is featured with classroom lectures as well as practical sessions. Assessment is performed via practical test and written exam. For more information on BSc ot, you can search the internet.

Diploma Courses

B.Sc. courses are precious and detailed, however, Diploma in Operation Technology courses are job oriented as well. Candidates, who wish to enrol in a shorter course, diploma is a much better option than the aforementioned Science Degree courses.

The course of Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is also termed as the short form of D.OTT. It is also called the names of Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician and Diploma in Operation Theatre Techniques.

Tasks of Operation Theatre Technicians

The tasks of operation theatre technicians include helping Doctors in Surgery, making arrangements of surgical instruments prior to surgery, performing Sterilization instrumentation prior to surgery, cleaning surgical instruments following surgery, executing commands of Surgeons in times of surgery and taking care of anaesthesia equipment.

In a nutshell, OT Technicians perform their work at hospitals’ Operation Theatre, Intensive Care Units, and Emergency Departments. Their main job is to help Doctors and Surgeons in times of emergency procedures or surgery.

Under the hospital setup, Operation Theatre technicians are generally the part of a team consisting of Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

The aforementioned courses of OT Technology train students in several aspects including surgical instruments, surgical procedures, patient monitoring, anaesthesia equipment & dose, and OT Ethics.

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