Henry Graves Supercomplication

Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super complication: Most Expensive Pocket Watch Ever!

Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super complication: Most Expensive Pocket Watch Ever!

It is greatly said by someone that, “Never seem more learned than the people you are with. Wear your learning like a pocket watch and keep it hidden. Do not pull it out to count the hours, but give the time when you are asked.” Pocket watches were the most common type of watch from their development in 16th century until wristwatches came into existence after World War I. They were introduced in a time where watch was restricted to the rich and the powerful. Since that time, watches have become the most popular male accessories and will definitely continue to remain the same. Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Super complication was one of the most expensive pocket watches but in 2014, it became the “most expensive” watch to be auctioned till date.

Background of Henry Graves Supercomplication:

Henry Graves Supercomplication
Henry Graves Supercomplication

Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Supercomplication is named after its very first owner, Henry Graves Jr. This men’s watch took over 3 years to be designed and Patek Phillipe took another 5 years to manufacture the watch. It was delivered to Henry Graves in 1933. As the name suggests, this Supercomplication pocket watch is really a masterpiece and has maintained it position for almost 50 years, with a total of 24 different functions in just a small pocket watch.

Henry Graves Supercomplication

Some of its main and prominent features include Westminster chimes, sunrise and sunset time, phases of moon, stopwatch, alarm and celestial map of New York as seen from Grave’s apartment on Fifth Avenue. Without any assistance of any sort of computer or advance technology, unlike now, Supercomplication will always remain the most complicated and way-ahead-of-time kind of watch forever.

Detailed Construction Of The Watch:

The complication of this watch is on a different height al together. 24 different functions operated in a single watch along with 920 individual parts, 430 screws, 110 wheels and 70 jewels make it supremely quintessential. The watch is completely handcrafted making it one of the most charming pocket watches of all time. Split seconds chronograph, registers for 60-minutes and 12-hours, perpetual calendar accurate to the year 2100, moon-phases, equation of time, dual power reserve for striking and going trains, mean and sidereal time, central alarm, indications for times of sunrise/sunset and a celestial chart for the night time sky of New York City at 40 degrees 41.0 minutes North latitude are some of the 24 different functions performed by this Supercomplication pocket watch.

Supercomplication pocket watch

The 24 functions of this Supercomplication watch makes it, as the name suggests, supremely complicated and the mind-spinning price of the watch in last auction will definitely give your head a spin.


  • The hours, minutes and seconds of sidereal time
  • The time of sunset and sunrise
  • The equation of time


  • Perpetual calendar
  • The days of the month
  • The days of the week
  • The months
  • The stars chart
  • The age and phases of the moon

Chronograph (stopwatch):

  • The Chronograph
  • Split seconds
  • The 30-minute recorder
  • The 12-hour recorder

The Chime:

  • The “Grande sonnerie” (Westminster chimes) with carillon
  • The “Petite sonnerie” with carillon
  • The minute-repeater
  • The alarm

Other functions:

  • The going train up-down indication
  • The striking train up/down indication
  • The twin barrel differential winding
  • The three-way setting system

Most Expensive Pocket Watch

The Auction:

There are many watches in the market these days with extreme fine handcraft and latest technology, but the handcraft, the authenticity and the finely created complex structure of this watch is what makes it stand out. No wonders this watch is the most expensive watch, be it pocket or wristwatch or any other watch till today. The last auction of the watch and the price at which it is sold will definitely make you go weak in your knees. $24 million dollars, yes you read id right, $24 million dollars, that is, Rs. 1,72,78,80,000.

The watch was last sold in Geneva, Switzerland, in the year 2014. This is the highest amount anyone has ever paid on any kind of watch till date in the world. This shows the love, fetish and passion of the person who bought it. People have always loved to collect antique timepieces and when it comes to such a beautiful one, way ahead of its time, then such kind of investment is worth it.


There are a lot of timepieces that will sweep away your heart, but Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication has taken this love for timepiece collection to a different level altogether. This is a beauty that the world will remember forever.

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