Important Things of Pregnancy

Paternal Age Effect is One of the Important Things of Pregnancy

Paternal Age Effect is One of the Important Things of Pregnancy

Paternal age effect is basically a statistical relationship between the two paternal age and the conception of their biological effects on the child. It is basically the sperm quality and volume of it. This is decrease with the age which hazards the older males. Many healthcare organization providing the best guidance on this matter with the couples and discuss with them about the potentiality of their fertility. Some careful couple also gets all the knowledge before the pregnancy. This paternal age effect can be improved by maintaining a good lifestyle.

The duration of achieving pregnancy depends on the lifestyle factor of you. This effect is very cumulative, epidemiological studies and lifestyle modification which improve the fertility potential.  The women whose age are upper than 35 it is evaluated after 12 months for the unsuccessful attempts of conceiving. Women who are older than 35 year age are evaluated after six months.

The effect of the paternal age effect

The paternal age proposes lots of uneasy conditions, diseases and other effects which make the association of your body weak by the confounding factor of the body. There are different conditions of paternal age effect are:

  • Single gene disorders: The advance paternal age is associated with single gene disorder at the time of mutation.
  • Pregnancy effect: Different studies of the paternal age effect on pregnancy is increasing the risk factor of miscarriage which is caused by the chromosome abnormality of the sperm. This problem depends on the age of male.
  • Birth Outcomes: There is a huge risk of birth weight at the age of 50.
  • Mental illness: At the advanced level of paternal age effect you will feel the diseases schizophrenia which is increasing with the age of maternal age.
  • Cancer: The paternal age effect is also related to breast cancer and make you weak.
  • Diabetes mellitus: At high paternal age effect there is a huge chance of type 1 diabetes which is very inconsistency at the time.
  • Down syndrome: Down syndrome is also existed due to the problem of the paternal age effect. By the research, it finds very inconsistent.
  • Intelligence: The highest IQ is found the ages of 25-44. If the father is young then 25 and older than 44 then the children have low IQ.
  • Life expectancy: The right age of father also control the genetic abnormality.
  • Fertility of father: For an older man the pregnancy rate decrease. If father age is more than 40 then there is a huge problem in pregnancy.

Conclusion: The paternal age effect is very effective for pregnancy. By controlling the age of women the father age must be in between 25 to 44 which is good for a healthy, intelligent and normal baby. Always take care of paternal age effect of your partner and take the right decision for your baby. The fertility factor of the father is really very important for the birth of children to take care of it. Know all the details about us from our website.

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