Perfect Homecoming Dresses

Perfect Size Guide to Buy Picture-Perfect Homecoming Dresses

Since few out of every homecoming dress will suit different body type, you should start your hunt for the perfect dress by evaluating your body shape first. It’s simple, go in front of the mirror and analyze – however, don’t waste time and energy criticizing your body. Remember you’re gorgeous the way you are! What you need to do is review your body unbiasedly and use that data to pick the most beautiful homecoming dresses that will upgrade your best highlights.

Below we have assembled a comprehensive guide for the most common body types and help them pick the best from the homecoming dress stores. Try not to stress even if you find that you fit one or multiple of these body types.

Let’s take a look: 


The apple-shaped body type is one where the midriff is moulded like an apple, with a bigger bust and slimmer hips. The shoulders and the waist might be more extensive. For young ladies with the apple-shaped body, head to the nearest homecoming dress stores near you and pick dresses that skim the body, extend the middle, and hotshot those legs!

We recommend choosing a V-neck homecoming dress. Dresses with belts clamped at the midsection are extremely alluring for the apple shape ladies! Not just that, empire waist dresses help cover or thin the waist, influencing your body to look slimmer. You can even get plus size homecoming dresses that compliment the apple shape.


This shape is accompanied by a pear-like middle, with a small stomach that prolongs into a heavier lower body. Young ladies with the pear shape commonly have somewhat balanced hips and rear ends, with thin stomachs and smaller busts. We suggest choosing high-end homecoming dresses that distract the attention from the hips and the thighs and complements the shoulders, the prolonged waist, and the level stomach.

Strapless homecoming dresses give pear-shaped ladies the perfect opportunity to show their thin arms, especially dress styles with ruffles to finish everything. A-line styles also work well with this body type. 


Hourglass-shaped ladies have the middles with a thin midriff and a proportioned upper and lower-body width. The hourglass type is typically balanced in the hips, thighs, or potentially from the bust, making women with this body type all the more breathtaking. The trick is to head to homecoming dress stores and pick an outfit that complements and justifies the heaviness of the curves, without concealing your amazing body shape.

Wrap dresses and bodycon outfits are the perfect choices for hourglass-shaped ladies. Make sure you pick dresses produced using lightweight textures that skim the middle flatteringly, without adding more weight.


Young ladies having a square shape body are accompanied by a midriff, hips, and shoulders that are of almost similar width, with a thinner middle and stomach, and smaller bust. If you are thinking where to get inexpensive homecoming dresses for homecoming, we suggest choosing something online that makes an illusion of curves and complements these highlights. Sweetheart homecoming dresses are perfect for square-shaped ladies, as they will add curves to the bust without adding additional weight to the stomach area.

Regardless of what body type you have, you need to acknowledge, admire, and love yourself the way you are. Each body shape highlights unique, lovely traits, so don’t fixate on trying to acquire “perfection” – it doesn’t exist. If you are wondering where to get cheap homecoming dresses online, you can browse the Couture’s collection for help.

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