New Age Art

Peter Max Gives a Whole New Meaning to New Age Art

When people hear the word “New Age”, what is the primary thing that pops into our minds? In all probability a new form of thinking, where ideas are received and change is accepted. It is perhaps a period in history, something in the likes of the “Medieval Age” or the “Pre-historic age”. It is most likely happening right now, the 21st century where life is contemporary and “New Age” refers to everything that is presently taking place.

As a matter of reality, the ‘New Age movement’ is something that has been occurring for quite some time and is not in actuality new. If during more prehistoric times, spirituality or religion cannot live alongside with science, the New Age movement in fact claims that human beings live for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Perfect equilibrium should be created between the three elementary aspects of the human so that we can persistently grow in wisdom and understanding. As you can visualize, this brings a whole new viewpoint to the way a lot of individuals do things, particularly the way they consider. According to Peter Max, this New Age Movement essentially started a revolution in a million of things, including contemporary art and modern art music, religion and spirituality, social, politics, behaviors and life in general. Most of things that we consider could not go together are completely engaged together by the New Age movement, and these are the two things that stood in complete divergence over the millennia: religion and science.

New Age art

New Age art is an upheaval in art movement that is just what the New Age represents: free-flowing and without confines. It is much more than getting your photos and art in a fine art gallery, but more of crating art so that it increases consciousness of the human to his own existence and glory. New Age art is so much more than modern art, abstract art or even contemporary art, because it essentially deals with the combination of the mind, body and spirit to create alertness and to rise above the boundaries that bound us to our very own survival. It is in these reasons why New Age seems a little bit of a concoction of abstract and contemporary styles, and New Age art seems to be a bit more about inspiration, relaxation, and meditation; New Age art is further progressing the job to promote awareness and spirituality and it transcends all manner of spiritual and ethical backgrounds.

The continuing role of the New Age artists like Peter Max in the modern age

As Peter Max says, new Age art artists are divine in nature. They are inclined to create their art forms in a system that promotes mysticism and one’s relationship to his self. Therefore, It is significant that a new age artist be totally aware and is educated in the means of relaxation, meditation, and creating the perfect balance of the mind, body, and spirit so that it shows in his or her art, whether it be in the form of photos or art.

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