Roadmap To Success: MCSA

Roadmap To Success: MCSA: Windows Server 2016

Microsoft is a trademark of up-to-the-minute technology, effectiveness, and usability. Each and every product of the company is making lives better in numerous ways. One such by-product of this IT giant is MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification courses. This beginner level of certification came into being to provide a thorough and tech-based insight into Microsoft concepts and technologies to IT professionals.

As the company owns more than 85 percent market share of the global desktop market, a thorough knowledge of it is always required. Microsoft Server Certification is the right tool to achieve this. The recently launched MCSA: Windows Server 2016 is the latest buzzword. This certification makes IT professional well-versed with the methodologies and terminologies of the latest Windows Server edition. Owing to its supreme functionality in the real-time IT world, it is considered as the most crucial skill to acquire for entry-level IT professionals.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (Windows Server 2016) – What, why and how?

What is MCSA: Windows Server 2016?

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows Server 2016 certification is tailored-made to make entry-level IT professionals proficient in installing, configuring and managing the arduous Windows Server 2016 modules. In addition, it makes them capable to find ways to enhance the storage capacity of the system, effective IP address management, create compatible networking platform with DNS and various analogous tasks which are customary in IT industry.

Apart from the above-mentioned task, the most notable feature of this certification is it’s solely the purview of Linux/UNIX.

Why go for it?

MCSA server 2016 will give entry-level IT professional an insight of actual and real-time experiences. It will enhance competency for productive configuration and networking which is highly required in the IT world. A single mention of this certification in your resume will increase its worth.  The salary trend for professionals in the industry shows that any MCSA certified professional can easily earn between $42,793 and $136,630.

About the Exam

MCSA: Windows Server 2016 is not a single paper certification. It consists of three exams:

  1. Installation, Storage, & compute with Windows Server 2016 (Exam: 70 – 740)
  2. Networking with Windows Server 2016 (Exam: 70 – 741)
  3. Identity with Windows Server 2016 (Exam: 70 – 742)

You can prepare for all these three exams with efficient training from Koenig Solutions.

MCSA- Window Server 2016 certification prerequisites

The certification demands some familiarities with Window server methodologies. However, it is best suited for entry-level professionals as well. Professional with no prior experience can go for this course without any hesitation.

The study material and study plans

Training centers offes through downloadable and online study material for the professionals to make through the exams. The study material is designed precisely to cover concepts in depth.

Exam details

Here are the thorough details of the Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 certification exam to have a better understanding.

Microsoft Exams: 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742

Time duration for each exam: 120 minutes

Total Questions per paper: 40-60*

Minimum Qualifying Marks: 700* (per exam)

Types of Question: Active screen; Case study; Build list; Hot area; Multiple choices Questions (with their solutions being Best answer, Single answer or multiple answers, as relevant to the question); Drag & drop; Short answer.

Exam registration: Microsoft Learning or Pearson Vue

*Subjected to change


Unlike many other Microsoft certifications, MCSA Server 2016 doesn’t require recertification. Once acquired, it will stay with you till eternity.

What’s next?

MCSA is a building block for further IT and related certification. Professionals can go for higher certification like MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions and so on.

There are 10 professional MS certifications, which the IT professionals can acquire.

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