Assessment Testing

Select the right candidate with the help of assessment test!

From a recruiter point of view, it is necessary to see that the concerned candidate holds necessary knowledge and skills for a position on which he can be deployed. In the organizations, there are different vacancies which require different skills. In the case of labour jobs, there are positions such as apprentice and foreman where the required skills are different than the managerial skills. In some of the jobs, the stress level is high, and one must have sufficient skills to handle the situation calmly. The competency assessment helps the recruiter to know if the concerned candidate holds valid certification and knowledge for the concerned job or not.

The test:

It is a test specifically designed for the concerned roles only. Hence as each job has different requirements, the test for each job is also different. The recruiter can arrange for a competency assessment test in the case of mass recruitment for the organization. The test helps him to hire required talents and eliminate unwanted candidates at a primary stage only so that the whole process of recruitment can become smooth and fast. In this test, there are objective as well as subjective questions asked which are directly related to the concerned subject of the job only. For example, if a recruiter needs to hire the boiler attendant, the test will have questions related to the boiler operation and other techniques of various processes that one may require on his job. The test papers are designed by the experts who are there in the field for a long-term and hence possess sound knowledge about the same.

The paper:

This test is taken in both ways which are online and offline. The question papers here are set by the leaders who have vast experience in the field and know the subject in depth. Here the subject is always about a specific requirement on which the candidate may have to work in future and hence at this stage all the relevant questions are asked to know his level of knowledge and skills for the concerned field. This leads the HR also to deploy him in only a concerned field as per his skills and calibre.

These questions are readily available in some areas but when the subject is much specific and require a detailed knowledge one needs to get the same designed by experts. Some experts can help the companies at this juncture and offer the test papers as per the requirement of the same. As this test is also taken offline, the hard copies of the papers are also provided by the concerned makers or in case the client requires; he can go for the same with soft copies also as some of the tests are also taken online by the organizations.

In case of the offline tests, it takes a little time for the checkers to check the paper and declare the result while in case of online it takes only a few minutes for the department of HR to know who all are the candidates selected for further process.

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