Panic Mode and Decorate Your Home

Switch off Your Panic Mode and Decorate Your Home, Pocket-Friendly Ways

Switch off Your Panic Mode and Decorate Your Home, Pocket-Friendly Ways

Re-do your home and make it feel magnificent, sleek, chic and trendy. Have a kickback effect to that monotonous looking home of yours with affordable budget. Embrace the change in trend and blend in.

  • Living Room.

If you’re blessed with a house that has tall ceilings, then make sure your doors match up to it with bright blue colours. Go ahead and paint the rest of the room white. Hang a beautiful ceiling candle chandelier, to give the room the drama and effect. A beige sofa set in combination with leather and wood, a cosy armchair in chocolate brown and a wooden centre table with a bottle green top, it will give the room the colour. You can go for brown matte finished tiles and open shelves, for your favourite books, your decoration in ceramics, clay or stone. A sculpture or a vase will look beautiful in the room too. Some bright, colourful art on the white walls will do the trick and turn it magnificent.

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  • Bathroom.

Make your bathroom into a wonderland with amazing wallpapers(a combination of grey and black). A mirror right above the sink, framed in brass or golden colour. White rectangular sink with golden coloured taps and a sliding glass door separating the sink and the shower will give it the air of class and sophistication.

  • Kitchen.

How about the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about coming to life? Colour your floor white. Whereas when you use white tiles for your walls. The charm will cross all bounds.

Paint your storage cabinets a dark shade may be inky blue. The door to your kitchen should be dark, chocolate brown which will be in sync with the barstools you’ll be placed on the opposite side of the kitchen counter. Along with three bulb shaped ceiling lamps. Place some decorative plants and your kitchen appliances too can be in dark blue or charcoal black.

  • Tiles.

Let Morocco and Portugal take hold of the reins of your creative mind regarding tiles. When tiles are a mix and match, and they differ in patterns, texture, colour, size and even finish at different heights it creates an effect of castellated. How about mixing different bold colour tiles with patterned ones for your hallway? Add a wooden round table with homeware on it that is imperfect in shape and is homemade.

  • Upholstery.

The most important decision you make is when you buy upholstery. You want something that is comfortable, luxurious and as well as trendy. Go for small sofas, if you don’t have the budget for big ones. Make sure they stand out. If your room has a light tone, go for dark and velvet sofas. Like that of navy blue or maybe rosewood. If your room is already vibrant and bright in tone, then keep it down and go for cashmere, lilac, copper blush, a light grey, beige or white.

Choose trendy and velvety sofas as they are back with a bang or go for sofas seated in a wooden frame.

Chairs made out of wicker or brass chairs that have fabric hand-work done on them are the way to go. An armchair (in white with black stripes) or a bench padded with dark green colour.

There are sites which have a wide selection of sofas, and you can choose from that as they have it all on discount.

  • Add the lights.

Add the drama or look to your room with a lamp that can be playful with a Bohemian combination of blue and white. May be something going back, as back as the mid-centuries or plain traditional ones. You can have ceiling lamps that are round or conical even candle chandeliers.

Remember, lighting is the key. Your house will look beautiful and bright when you’ve enough natural and artificial source of lighting in it. Make sure you don’t have massive drapes that block all the sunlight. Even better don’t have them in your living room and let it look airy and spacious.

Your home needs the magnificent look it has lacked for so long. So, be the designer and paint yourself a home that you’ve always been dreaming about.

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