Journey Enjoyable

Tips for solo Travellers to make their Journey Enjoyable

Travelling alone can seem daunting to come out of our comfort zone, especially when you are a solo traveller.The first thing that occupies your head is the train journey, because you have to think of your little pocket to spend more on food and exploring places than spending on traveling, isn’t it? All these worries and more? All these worries will be overweighed by the innumerable benefits for a solo traveller in train.

  1. Know your strong points: Are you a friendlyindividual, who can be comfortable in the middle of few unknown faces? The best way one can learn to communicate is when he is without the fear of being judged when you know all the people are unknown.
  2. Play your trump card: Solo travellers are often judged, so why not break the general convention and prove them a little wrong time? Just go around start talking rather listening and communicating, knowledge is wisdom, so one can definitely share their words of wisdom, which brings us to our third benefit.
  3. Learn a new language and maybe end up making friends: Consider yourself lucky to have some good company, add-ons would be someone speaking some different language.A solo traveller will always end up learning a few sentences provided you find some amazing company because for long journeys isolation isn’t the right term.What harm to learn something really exciting and new, also you might get lucky to carry some friendship forward.
  4. Earphones and books will be your all-time saviour: This will surely be a personal favourite for a lot of people.People who are introvert can always not kill time but make it a picture to remember forever by plugging their earphones on and look at the serenity of nature that train journeys provide.Since you are travelling so no compulsion to talk or communicate. Also, if the scenery bores you which is nearly impossible, then you can definitely take your favourite book out and have coffee or tea with music on, what else one can ask for. Also, after dawn, it’s only darkness that’s visible, so books are the to-go one’s.
  5. 5. Foods that train has to offer: You can have so many options of food on train,and especially when you are travelling solo, like starting from the coffee, to the hot and spicy samosas and pakoras, to the jhal muri, etc.thus never-ending list for foodies who love junkies. People who love to eat healthy should not be sad either because the train rides will provide your perfect diet through cucumber, guava,soups, etc. There are also online food delivery companies like through which you can order your choicest food at the stations you want. So, you can actually eat as much as you want when you are there in the train.

Travelling solo also means to take care of safety aspect. Watch your goodies and luggage, be aware of any concerning eye because concerns can be fabricated and keep a close eye on your valuables. Travelling in train is the best way to travel for a solo traveller because you start your solo trip once you step in amidst unknown faces, and then, just be confident and spread the charm.

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