Tips To Study For Commerce Examinations

Tips To Study For Commerce Examinations

Commerce stream is entirely a distinct field for those students who have just passed out their class 10th board examinations and are all ready to select a stream out of commerce, arts, and science. Commerce seems to be an easy pick which proffers an extensive degree of options to the students, incorporates subjects that are a novice to them, like Economics and Accounts. Hence, to make sure that this stream easier and planned, students have to follow the tricks to get ready for the completely new subjects and confronting novice topics in the procedure and learn for the examinations and obtain good marks. This article is a ready reckoner for all the students on how to study for 11th Commerce and 12th.

  • Devise a Schedule: Devise the schedule from the beginning to end. Your dawn should begin from learning the subjects and begin with it, take sufficient rest and do not take much time for breaks.
  • Follow the plan: It is significant to devise a schedule for a week and make sure that the same is followed. However, due to inevitable situations, one might miss any of the pre-decided work for the day, schedule it for either the next day or next week. By following the regular schedule mitigates one from hesitation and boosts one’s credence as they keep getting done with their syllabus in a sorted manner.
  • Solve Sample Papers: Once the concepts are studied and are done with enough portion covered in all the subjects, solve sample papers at the end of every month or once in a week to know and assess how much you have comprehended. Practice makes a man perfect. Hence, leading to accuracy. Sample question papers are effortlessly obtainable online.

The above mentioned are a few tips to study Commerce class 11 and 12th Commerce.

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