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Top 5 Reasons for Visiting Uganda This Winter

One of the safest spots to visit in the continent of Africa, Uganda is extremely popular among tourists for its extensive wildlife. The dry seasons are usually the best time to visit Uganda because it is the prime time to spot the exotic flora and fauna native to the country. The most popular part of a trip to Uganda is perhaps the Uganda Safari, an enchanting trek through the forests of the country to spot the Mountain Gorillas. Apart from that, you are also rewarded with sights of epic and breath-taking sceneries if you take this trek. So, pack your bags up and be all set to embark upon the most adventurous and unconventional journey of your life. Here are 5 reasons you should definitely visit Uganda.


Though Uganda has witnessed a few politically turbulent years, it is back up on its feet and has been popularised by the positive word of mouth of tourists who visited the country off late without facing any trouble. So, if you were thinking about your safety while avoiding Uganda as a must-visit destination, it is high time to put it in.

Spotting Mountain Gorillas in the Impenetrable Forest of Bwindi

Bwindi Forest is home to more than half of the world population of Mountain Gorillas and we are not exaggerating even a bit. Though you can also spot them in neighbouring Rwanda, the pocket pinch is much less when in Bwindi. Though it is not a trek for the faint hearted, the sight of the majestic beasts at the end is sure worth all the trouble.

The Attractive and Vibrant Culture of Uganda

Warm hospitality is the trademark of the Ugandan culture. Wherever you go, you are greeted with happy and smiling faces and caring words. Since the country is diminutive in size, you can access most of the places in cars (except, of course, the treks!) and experience warmth and familiarity in each of the regions. There is a flux of tribal culture into the modern lifestyle of the Ugandan people due to their heritage, each of the tribes successfully inheriting the speciality of their predecessors, the most popular among them, arguably being the Karamajong people, who are essentially herders.

A Lot of Wonderful Safaris

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph itself, Uganda is pretty famous for not one but five Safaris. All the safaris here exhibit the best of the exotic Ugandan wildlife, as well as picturesque locales. All in all, Uganda is heaven for the nature lover.

Kibale National Park Chimps

Like the mountain gorillas, Uganda is perhaps one of the few places in the world to offer a sight of chimps. The Kibale National Park is the place where you can spot a lot of chimps, given their exclusive “nest to nest” programme which offers the tourists a trek to the sleeping nests of this exotic species.

If nature and adventure are on your bucket list, you should definitely make it a point to visit Uganda this winter.

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