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Top Entertainment Options For Organising A Spectacular Vegas Style Stag Party

Organising a kickass stag party needs loads of inspiration and there is no bigger inspiration than a Vegas-style entertainment extravaganza. You can organise a Vegas-style stag party complete with a burlesque feel within an affordable budget. However, you have to take up planning the party months ahead, to zero in on the right mix of venue and entertainment to pull it off. Here is a list of planning tips to get you rolling in the right direction to organise a stag party that will be the talk of your friend circles for years to come.

Time your entertainment right – Daytime vs. Night-time

Do not fret if you are not able to transfer your entire gang to Vegas for the stag party. Instead, get quirky with your planning and make your stag party an all-day event with a unique selection of daytime and night-time ideas. Make sure to have plenty of appetizers and drinks flowing through the party. Food should be customised according to the theme of the party. Non –fussy starters and cocktails are ideal at all times but also have something substantial on the menu to soak up all of the free-flowing booze through the crowd. Daytime party ideas can include adventure activities like zip-lining shooting or rafting, just to get your adrenaline flowing high to begin the day. If that is not your scene, you can just organise a cool pool party to start the day chilling and saving your energy for the full night of clubbing ahead. Add in some entertainment options such as professional models and Newcastle strippers to jazz up the party Vegas style. You can also get floating casino tables and professional dealers to create a live Vegas betting atmosphere right in the middle of your staid pool party.

Venue selection to accommodate entertainment

Choose venue options to give you a modicum of privacy to really cut loose during the stag party. Also, private venues allow for better control of the party, especially if you have a large gang to accommodate. You can book a hotel pool exclusively for your daytime events. However, for the nighttime clubbing think about hiring large spaces such as a warehouse or building to run it into an exclusive club for the night. Overall, this option will be more affordable than hiring a VIP room for the night. You can also shift to a hotel suite if you have a small group of stag invitees.

Personalising the stag party

Personalised merchandise makes the entire event more memorable for the groom and all of the friends. However, you will need to plan the personalisation in advance to get the merchandise printed and decked up for distribution. Blackjack visors, t-shirts, pool caps, swim trunks and card decks, can all be personalised with the groom’s name, photos or cool marriage advice. Be creative and funny with your choices.

Finally, make sure that the logistics of the party are taken care of well in advance. You will need to have proper transportation arranged to shuttle your crew from venue to venue during the party. Hire professional party hosts to keep the momentum going while regulating the party if things start going too rambunctious after the drinks.

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