Attractions in Chandigarh

Top Nine Attractions in Chandigarh that Should be on Your Bucket List

Top Nine Attractions in Chandigarh that Should be on Your Bucket List

Chandigarh is a city which was planned in India soon after we attained independence. It is the capital city of two states Punjab and Haryana but politically it does not fall under either of the states and is directly governed by the Union Government. Chandigarh is reportedly the happiest and cleanest city in the country which is also very welcoming for the tourists who visit this city. The design of the city and its architectural marvel is something tourists enjoy seeing while visiting this city. This city has developed a lot in terms of infrastructure and a lot of manmade and natural tourist spots which are surely a treat for its visitors!

Chandigarh hotel price varies as per the budget of the traveller and has many ranges to choose from as per comfort. Let us have a look at Places in Chandigarh that should be on your bucket list.

  1. Buddha Garden, Sukhna Lake

The Buddha Garden is commonly called as ‘Garden of Silence’ and is the most clean and green gardens which has been landscaped as per the Japanese architecture. It can be termed as one of the most serene spots in the city and you will be awestruck by its breath-taking beauty!

  1. Nek Chand Rock Garden

The Nek Chand rock garden is like no other garden you have seen because it houses eccentric sculptures which are made out of urban and industrial waste. These sculptures are so creatively made with so many different materials such as bangles, broken tubes, clay, etc. The vision was to recreate a fantasy village on top of rocks and boulders, waterfalls, over bridges and open theatre with whimsical archways and lanes. It is a very innovative place that you can visit in Chandigarh and must definitely be on your bucket list.

  1. Open Hand Monument

the Open hand monument is a 26 metres tall monument is also a must see in Chandigarh and it was built by a Swiss-French master planner. The monument is designed like a hand which spins while conveying a social message. The message is that “open to give” & “open to receive” along with harmony and peace. Most of the social causes are discussed here in this venue with people gathered around it.

  1. City Museum

the city museum is filled with antiquities, contemporary art and sculptures inside a richly architectured  building. There are many exhibits in here which showcases the glorious history of this city’s construction and planning.

  1. Nepli and Kansal Forest Reserves

The Nepli and Kansal forest reserves are a natural trail which gives you a stunning vision of the Shivalik hills from the various watch towers present at equal distance throughout the trail. For those tourists who enjoy being amidst nature should definitely have this on your bucket list. There are even boating services provided on the lakes surrounding the rest houses in the reserves.

  1. Bhima Devi Temple Complex

The Bhima Devi temple is similar to the Kajuraho Temple with erotic sculptures which dates back to 8th and 9th century. There is not much historical significance to the sculptures but each sculpture has a story of its own. The Pinjore gardens are located close to this temple and both the sites can be clubbed together on your visit.

  1. Pinjore Gardens

The Pinjore Gardens are also known as Yadavindra Gardens and is a Mughal themed garden spread over 100 acres. There is a Japanese garden and many illuminated fountains on stunningly manicured lawns. There is also a mini-zoo in the garden which serves as an attraction for the kids. There are seven terrace gardens adorned with beautiful flowers and orchards of fruits which are a stunning sight to see.

  1. Topiary Park

the Topiary park is located in Sector 35 and has an unique concept which makes it stand out from the other parks. The flora and greenery here is designed in animal shapes like bears, elephants and giraffes. This park was established in the year 1987 and free to visit all through the year. There are also a variety for activities available in the park for the kids to enjoy.

  1. Butterfly Park

Any nature lover would love this place very much owing to the specially designed conservatory and park in order to attract butterflies. The park is spread over 7 acres of land and is located right in front the Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology. The species of butterflies that can be found here are Chocolate Pansy, Common Blue Bottle, Apefly, Blue Mormon, Angled Castor, and the Common Grass Yellow. You can even spot flowers such as Petunia, Dahlia and Marigold along with shrubs whose prime purpose is to convert this place into a habitat for the butterflies.

You can extend your stay longer in this enchanting city as there are much more interesting places to visit and also the Chandigarh hotel price are also reasonable and affordable as per your budget.

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