Birds know it better. You can find flocks of birds migrating to the great peninsular of India for spending the winter. Winter at a tropical place like India is warm and pleasing. However, India is a mixture of everything. If you are looking for a warm and green place, choose southern India. If you are looking for white snowy paradise, choose north India. Here are the top reasons to choose winter of India.

  1. Name a snow activity and you would find it in India. At the same time, the country has its own set of beach activities, water adventure activities and warm places to enjoy a romantic time. India is a mixture of all kinds of winter vacation bundled into one visa.
  2. Winter makes the plush beauty of greenery in India. Thus, it is the best time to enjoy cuisine of the land, Ayurvedic massages, new delicacies and other plant-based elements of your vacation.
  3. Winter is also the best time for enjoy wildlife attractions like birdwatching, safari, trekking, boating and others.
  4. Extreme places become more beautiful during winter. Winter chills out desert places, making it easier to enjoy the beauty of the land and take up desert activities like desert camping, desert moonlit dinner, safari and others. Rajasthan is best visited during winter season.
  5. Winter marks the time of tea harvest. This is the best time for tea tourism. It is also the best time to enjoy a stay in any plantation like cardamom, pepper or others. Kerala’s plantation resorts are best visited during winter.
  6. Houseboat stays, tiger safari of Ranthambore, visit to mountain passes, desert camel safari, water activities of Andaman and other iconic attractions are at their prime beauty during winter season.
  7. Getting deals is much easier during winter, as it is the peak tourism season in the country.
  8. You need not worry about the dehydrating sun. Winter is pleasing and more comfortable time of the whole year in India.
  9. Winter is the time of many interesting festivals and fairs of the country. Surf about the time of your visit to determine the available events and festivals.
  10. Scenic value of the place will be at the highest during this season. This is the photogenic season of India.
  11. Winter is the right time to try all water activities. The recent rain of monsoon season would have impregnated all the water bodies with sufficient water for water activities to be available.
  12. Winter is also the best time for shopping. Since it is the tourism season, the local vendors would be at the markets displaying their masterpieces. Due to increase in supply from all the vendors, you can easily haggle and get the best price with little effort.

Having said that it is the peak tourism season of the country; remember that the demand for every service and amenity in the country would be at the highest. Thus, choose to pre-book all the amenities and services, at least a month before your departure date. In addition, not all destinations are beautified with winter. Choose your destination, wisely at the time of India tour.

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