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The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign on Instagram and Other Platforms!

Social media is where the majority of millennials and older adults spend their free time. Whether it is to get in touch with old friends, find the perfect job, browse for attractive pictures, or share one’s opinions, there is a social media app for everything! Businesses have started using these platforms for promoting their products and services to take advantage of people’s growing reliance and fondness for the same. Though social media marketing is beneficial for businesses of all kinds, there are specific rules that business owners and marketers need to keep in mind to make their own strategies work. Here are some tips to get you started!

The next step 

A well-executed social media campaign can give your brand the initial impetus it needs. However, to keep the momentum going, you would have to come up with creative strategies that will establish your authority on that particular platform. You would need to be consistent with your content and posting habits.

Alignment with the overall marketing strategy 

Though social media is one of the prominent pillars of marketing, it is not the only avenue that you should try. You need to create a healthy mix of traditional branding, online marketing, and social media promotion to get the desired outcome. You may try outdoor ads, television ads, print ads, email marketing, POS ads and others. Ignoring other marketing avenues and focusing only on social media may cost you dearly. If you have a limited budget, you may try the free alternatives, but it is imperative that you try different things.

Working with other teams 

In most established companies, you will find a separate team that exclusively handles social media marketing, while other teams take care of brand positioning and customer segmentation and so on. All these different teams might not be able to work at the same physical location, but it is imperative that they all participate in any specific campaign.

Flexibility does not cost much 

Compared to traditional marketing, a social media campaign is much cheaper. Abandoning a conventional ad campaign mid-way through implementation can lead to significant losses. However, social media offers the flexibility to rethink a particular strategy or campaign midway without having to pay a fortune. Social media marketing managers can, therefore, afford to keep an open mind and be willing to shift gears midway when an error is apparent.

There are several social media marketing platforms that a new business can try out. As per the experts at, every platform has its unique features and advantages to offer. However, not all platforms will be useful to all kinds of businesses. What may work for someone may not yield favorable results for another. Therefore, it is safe to start with the ones that are the most popular such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Let us examine these to help you understand which is the most suitable for you.


The most significant advantage of using Facebook is that it imposes few limitations when it comes to the length of posts or the types of content. You can post text, graphics, pictures, and videos as per your requirement. Brands can even target specific demographic categories based on the specifics of their products and services. This way, they have a better chance of reaching their target customers. As a dedicated brand manager, you can also use the sophisticated analytics capabilities of Facebook to get real-time feedback on how your campaign is doing. On the flip side, the average age of the Facebook user is over 35. So, if your brand is targeting teens or tweens, you might be missing the mark.


Since Twitter is an excellent tool for users to voice their opinions, brands often prefer to use this app to highlight positive views from real users. The microblogging site also makes your brand visible to industry experts whose opinions and connections are valuable. Many brands prefer Twitter because it allows them to respond to queries and complaints from users directly. However, the primary complaint that most users had about this platform was the 140-character limit, which has now been partly addressed with a 280-character limit.


Although it is termed as a social media platform, it is more of a professional network that is used by people mostly for industry networking and job searches. However, because of its professional outlook, it seems more natural for a brand to be promoting itself on this app. The potential downside of LinkedIn is twofold. First of all, only people who are looking to advance their careers would go there, so you might not find too many youngsters there. Secondly, the cost of LinkedIn advertising is a bit prohibitive.


Of all the social platforms mentioned above, Instagram is the most popular one among millennials. The massive user base of this photo-sharing app mainly comprises of teens and young adults. So, if the brand you are promoting has anything to do with fashion, music, sports, food or any other product or service that the younger generation not only uses a lot but also has opinions on, Instagram will be perfect for you.

Just like Facebook, its parent company, Instagram allows and encourages targeting of feeds instead of spraying everything everywhere. The use of pictures is a useful feature that enables brands to highlight their product features more creatively through engaging visuals. However, placing a direct call to action might be a little tricky on Instagram.

In general, the usage of social media can be beneficial, provided you manage to address a few key points. However, when it comes to choosing a specific social media vehicle, you need to understand the respective strengths and weaknesses and decide according to the character of the brand you are trying to promote.

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