Uninterrupted Power in the House

Use of Modern Inverters for Uninterrupted Power in the House

Every home provides comfort for the people of the family. It keeps the people safe, gives them the light, warmth, and energy for activities such as cooking. All this depends on the energy grid in the locality. When the supply of energy becomes disrupted for any reason, the people in the house find difficulty in proceeding with their normal activities.

Get alternating current power source

The way forward is to use an inverter for home use. This is a source of energy we can use to power the electrical appliances and gadgets like the fans, light, and computers. You see how this works here. You have the battery bank which stores the electrical power in the form of chemical energy. This is in the form of direct current meaning the appliances we use and all the gadgets will not work because they use alternating current.

To get the power into the usable form, we need to convert it to alternating current source. The inverter does this work for us. Depending on the amount of power we need, we must buy a big or small inverter. All home UPS units have the inverter integrated into it. This means that when we switch on the UPS, it automatically supplies the alternating current supply we need. For this reason, people usually refer to the inverter as the UPS and vice versa.

Choose correct power rating

To make the best buy inverter, choose the one that is closest to your power need. If you buy one that is not having the capacity, you will wear it down soon. And installing one that is too big will also be a waste of money. The USB has built-in functions like the phase reversal switch that helps it to switch from the power supply grid to battery supply and vice versa. You can manually switch the circuits but this will be a tedious process.

The best UPS units have the automatic detection so that it reverses the direction of the flow of current as and when desired. It also has several safety features installed such as the one for protecting the battery. By continuously monitoring the battery, it prevents undue damage to the battery. Also, when the circuit switched to battery supply, it does not come on until the battery is well connected. This helps do without any unnecessary blown fuse scenarios.

Get the right battery

The UPS must maintain a steady output voltage. This ensures that there is no damage to the electrical devices in use. The size of the UPS unit will depend on the place where we install it. For instance you might need a 900 VA inverter if you need to power one refrigerator, one television, one fan, and one tube light. You will need to provide the best battery for your inverter. Since you can get batteries from 60 Ah to 220 Ah, you must choose one that suits this situation.

If you need to have power for two hours, then you get the battery capacity as follows:

Battery size= 900*2 /12 = 142 Ah

The battery voltage is 12 volts and we use the backup UPS for two hours. If you choose a battery having 150 Ah then it will be enough for you.

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