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Ways to Save Money On Last Minute Business Class Tickets

Ways to Save Money On Last Minute Business Class Tickets

Last minute buying is always discouraged. However, at times, circumstances are such that you find yourself in urgent search for last minute business class tickets. It could be due to a sudden business emergency, an impromptu holiday plan, a sick relative visit or a sudden plan to attend a family wedding. Whatever the reason, we understand your need for an economical flight to your destination. Listed below are some of the ways you can save money on your purchase.

  1. Become an elite member

If you maintain an elite member status with your choice of airline, you will benefit when the time comes for last minute purchasing. Elite status members are held under great privilege so the airline will accommodate you in terms of price as well as finding you a suitable flight.

  1. Off-season flying

Now this may not be workable in most cases as you may require a flight during the high season. That is the tricky part. If you can, you must move the flight date to a month when flying is not as common. Whether last minute or booked beforehand, business class ticket prices fall drastically during the low season. 

  1. Second hand purchase

Direct last minute buying on the web is a little tricky and you may not always find the best price. However, you may find people on the web who want to sell their airline ticket. These people are normally desperate and agree to a price that suits you best. Make sure you stay vigilant and cautious though to avoid scammers and conmen. 

  1. Buy Economy and upgrade

Purchase an economy class flight and then later upgrade the class. But make sure before purchasing, you check with the airline as to how much an upgrade will cost. Only pursue this if the upgrade is cheaper than direct purchase.

  1. Take part in an online auction

Now it is becoming increasingly common among airlines to conduct online auctions in an attempt to fill up their business class. This is your golden opportunity to bid for a low cost upgrade. You may or may not be successful as airlines keep all bids a secret. But make sure you give it a try. 

  1. Loyalty Programs

As the name suggests, these programs recognize your loyalty and reward you for it. If you accumulate frequent flyer miles or travel points, you can save enough to bag a very low priced or in some cases even free business class upgrade. Travel points can get you massive discounts on direct purchase of a business class flight as well. You better join an airline’s loyalty program if you have not already. Some programs are better than others. Make sure you make an informed choice.

Last minute purchasing is risky business but with the above mentioned tricks and tips, you can make an attempt to save a considerable amount of money.

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