Bariatric Surgery Cost in India

What a weight loss surgery point to?

What a weight loss surgery point to?

All of us love junk food? But are you aware that there would be more trouble in store. If you are an individual who is facing problems with excess weight, then you need to stick to weight loss surgery. You can refer it to a procedure where standard weight loss methods like exercise, diet or supplementation have failed to churn in the desired results. If any of these methods fail it would mean that the person is not in a position to lose weight. In some other cases the weight lost would have been regained at the same time as well. If you do not have a control over your weight it can lead to serious weight problems like heart attack, stroke etc. in addition problems like diabetes also spring up. In case if you happen to be morbid obese then you are not going to respond to any form of medical treatment as well.

It would mean a series of processes that are performed on overweight people. You go on to reduce the size of the stomach with the help of an implanted device. In some cases the portion of a stomach would be removed as well. If you analyse the long term effects of the procedures they do promise better results at the same time. Once again the fact that this process is for all who is obese or morbid obsessed. Most of the people would have tried to slim down by exercise or diet. But the results have not been encouraging as well. Doctors go on to observe a person and find out whether he is a right candidate for a weight loss surgery or not. If a patient is committed to the pre surgery work, then they would go ahead for the procedure. In the case of a man they need to be overweight by 100 pounds and when it is the case of woman it has to be more than 80 pounds. In addition to this you need to have a body mass index of above 40. There are some other factors which influence whether you are a candidate for weight loss surgery or not

  • Age- for anyone in the age group of 18 to 40 years, you can opt for a weight loss surgery
  • Weight- If your weight happens to be twice than what is suggested you are ready for a surgery as well.
  • Commitment- there is a commitment on the part of the patients that they would stick to the post care operational methods
  • History- if you come across the fact that a medical history of losing weight on and off is there, then also you are a candidate for this surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Cost in India is considered to be one of the top elective forms of surgeries. Since it works out to be a complex form of surgery, the skill sets of a surgeon come into the fray. You need to link up with a hospital of repute.

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