Properties are Beneficial

Why Pre-leased Properties are Beneficial

Why Pre-leased Properties are Beneficial

According to many experts, the commercial real estate sector has escalated a lot. Also the pre leased properties in this sector have grabbed the most of the benefits. This is a trend, which clearly shows that pre rented property market is going through a huge profit.

That is why; it is the perfect time to look for a pre leased property for sale in greater Noida if one wants to invest in one. This has become a very favourable investment option for all the serial property investors and enterprises who always look out to buy some commercial office space in Noida.

But before investing in it, one needs to have a clear concept about what exactly a pre rented or pre leased property is. A pre leased property always denotes to the one that is sanctioned to an organisation and then it can be sold to a customer which will include that lease. The buyer of that pre rented property is guaranteed to get a return of investment or ROI from the very first day and it will be termed as a rental income as the deed is already transmitted to their name.

Here are a few reasons that why a pre rented property can be a good thing for investment.

  • A pre leased property always induces the customer to a zero waiting period as the ROI starts from the very beginning. Also it furnishes the customer with a proper rental income along with some great returns. Because of these focal points, many business owners and investors think of buying pre rented properties.
  • The rental revenue is much higher in a pre leased property as compared to that any other residential estate properties. If an enterprise is looking for a property in the market they can also avail a good amount of loan of the entire price. Also it is guaranteed that there will be some assured return benefits.
  • Pre leased commercial estates have become very attractive mode of investment these days. Investors have found out that the returns of fixed deposits and bonds have decreased due to lower interest rates, so pre leased property investments has become more lucrative so that one can get some stabilized returns.
  • When one is venturing to a pre leased property, the risks that are involved are very low or medium. So the profit rate is at least 8.5 to 9 percent per annum. These are balanced out returns because of rent period is ordinarily around 3 to 15 years. At the time of the exit, the owner of the property would earn equity value along with capital appreciation earned on the escalated rent. Henceforth the investors can earn good returns; ranging something around 16 to 20 percent per annum from pre rented commercial properties.

If one thinks of investing in pre leased property in greater Noida, then they should also know that the key variables make all the pre leased properties a very compelling investment option which come with assured returns.

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